Recipe Binder!!


I’ve been printing recipes off the web for soooo long and I had a HUGE file folder filled with pages of recipes. I figured it was time to handle that mess of a folder.  I started searching for a recipe binder for months.  I specify binder because I wanted to be able to add pages…

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Super Cute Name Labels!!

Are you looking for an original way to label all your children’s school supplies? How about something like this? Not only are they super CUTE and super resistant… they are also WATERPROOF!!! I’ve been using MyTwoBabes Designs labels for two years and I absolutely love them.  They stick to everything.. I even put them on…

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What to do with Rubber Boots!!


Do you have a bunch of ”cute” old rubber boots laying around in your closet and you don’t know what to do with them… Look at this FANTASTIC idea: I have some really cute ones here and I’m dying to do this project… however the problem is.. I need to keep them until my youngest…

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Sponge Balls!!


My daughter’s birthday is coming up and I was searching for ideas of water games for the kids.. trying to find something different from water balloons and water guns. And I came across this brilliant idea on Betz White’s site: SPONGE BALLS!!!! Honestly… you can make them any color you wish.. just a question of…

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