I hate reading good books!!!

Am I the only one who hates reading good books?  
I’m always sad when they come to an end….
Bad books are better….I’m happy when they end!
Before I start reading a book, 
I make sure it’s a series… like that the ”END” is farther away. 
Right now I’m reading The Hunger Games.

I have read the first book:

Finished the second book:

I’m on the third book:

I’m taking my time reading this one.. instead of reading it all in one day.. 
I’ll read it in two days. haha
A series that I enjoy reading is the House of Night series.
This is a long series.. it’s not finished yet either YAY!!
Honestly though.. isn’t it sad when you are finished reading a wonderful book/series?  
I always have this ”down” feeling.
Do you have any books/series that you suggest I read?  


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    I am the same way, I never want a good book to end. Loved Hunger Games…

    My last book series I finished and hated to see end was the 50 Shades series. I recommend that one but definitely read what it’s about first because it’s not for everyone. :)


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    I ama reading the First Book now to THe Hunger games jsut finished The Help which was amazing I am looking good series of Boooks to read myself

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    I feel the same way! Especially when you get done with a whole series and it’s just done and over. Usually I jump right in to trying to find something I love as much but it rarely works. I’m half way through the last book of the Wicked series right now and I know it’s going to be bad when I finish it. I love this series so much I feel like I’m losing a good friend :(

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    I am so the same way! I get so upset when they are over..it feels like a death! It’s awful! I just had this conversation with the Hubs the other day after I finished the Hunger Games series as well…I’m trying to find a good book to start now…any suggestions?

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    I completely agree with you. I get totally bummed when a good book is over – It’s almost like grieving. I always want MORE story. I am currently reading the second book in the Hunger Games series and like you I am taking my time. I flew through the first book and was so sad that I could immediately start the second. Now – I just don’t want it to end – so I read a chapter here and there.

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    I feel completely the same, I’m reading ‘The Time Travellers Wife’ right now and loving it, I’ve had about a quarter left for a week because I know the next time I read it will be the last time so I putting it off – what kind of backwards logic is that!?! ‘The Hunger Games’ are AMAZING!! Another book I’ve read recently that was brilliant was ‘Random Acts of Heroic Love’ (read with a box of tissues handy!)
    Don’t you think books are so much better than films?! I work at a video rental store and my catch-phase is ‘the book was better’!!

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    The Hunger Games is SO GOOD! I read the first book in 2 days, the seond in 5, and the last in 5 also. The problem I have with reading a good book is that I have a hard time starting a new one after. I don’t feel down when it’s over, I just can’t stop thinking about it! And how amazing it was, and discussing with others who’ve read it (I lent them to co-workers as I was finishing one, so we were almost all in sync). It took me over 2 months to start reading a new book after these ones. Only have I finally saw the movie in the theater, which I thought was really well made. (Did you see it? don’t want to say any spoilers or whatnot)

    And I have to read a series in succession, unless the next book isn’t out yet. It just seems logical to me. I have the Sookie Stackhouse series right now (on the 2nd book, which I’m reading quite slowly actually; I follow the TV series) and then the Game of Thrones series (also saw the TV first season).

    Thanks for the suggestion for House of Night series, haven’t heard about it, will look it up!