Butterfly Beaded Keychain and 16 more Easter Projects!

Beautiful DIY Butterfly Beaded Keychain!

With Easter and Spring just around the corner, my daughters’ and I are in the crafting mood. I like to get them involved with the gifts we give our family members for each holiday. This year we thought it would be fun to give them each a handmade butterfly keychain rather than chocolate. We went with butterflies to give them more of a spring feel, however we could have easily gone with cute rabbits to represent Easter. DIY Butterfly Beaded Keychain Supplies: – Keychain rings (big split rings) – Bulky chain – Small split rings or jump rings. – Beads … {continue reading}

Charm Necklace – Easy to make on the go!

Charm Necklace - Easy to make on the go! Easy jewelry tutorial.

I love re-purposing things. There’s just something fun about taking an item that is meant for one thing, but use it for an entirely different purpose. For example, using an old puzzle board and transforming it into a chalkboard instead. Genius idea, right?! When I got my hands on a package of Rubbermaid LunchBlox, I knew it would be PERFECT for another use. First of all, let me explain to you what the Rubbermaid LunchBlox is. It’s the perfect solution for all your lunch storage needs. NO JOKE! It’s designed to save space and keep lunch boxes organized. The LunchBlox … {continue reading}

Top 30 Sewing Projects of 2014 with tutorials

Top 30 Sewing Projects of 2014. Collection of sewing projects that you can make. Full of sewing inspiration and tutorials.

As most of you know, I LOVE hosting From Dream To Reality every week. My most favorite reason to host is because I get to see what you’ve been creating. You are the most talented bunch out there! Seriously, YOU ROCK! I’m happy to share with you today the Top 30 Sewing Projects of 2014. These 30 Sewing Projects where featured on From Dream To Reality during 2014. Have fun browsing these fabulous sewing tutorials! Top 30 Sewing Projects of 2014   Sew a DIY Teepee Play Tent from The DIY Mommy.   Simple Spring Infinity Scarves from Eliza Ellis. … {continue reading}

Beaded Wrap Bracelet Tutorial – Kid Craft

Beautiful Beaded Wrap Bracelet - Kid Craft! This bracelet was made by a 9 year old. Come check out the tutorial so that you came make some too!

With the Holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. And that’s exactly what Gabrielle has been doing! This year she wants to make gifts for family members. She decided she should start making things now if she wants to be able to make something for everyone. (Smart thinking!) The first gift she worked on was a beaded wrap bracelet. She asked if I could share a tutorial with you in case you would like to make some too. (Of course she didn’t have to ask me twice! hehe) Beaded Wrap Bracelet – Kid Craft Supplies: – Glass … {continue reading}

Halloween Planter Decorations: Chalkboard Wood Bats

Halloween Planter Decorations: Chalkboard Wood Bats - Super fun and easy Halloween decor for your plants!

Chalkboard Wood Bats ~ Happy October!! I’m so excited to be sharing my first Halloween craft of the season! YAY! I bought Mums (chrysanthemums) a few weeks ago to decorate outside. They are my favorite fall flowers! Since they will be staying on my front porch for Halloween, I wanted to add something to them to decorate them for the occasion. What better way to decorate them than with planter decorations! Chalkboard Wood Bats Supplies: – Wood (I used wood scraps that were lying around at my parents’ garage.) – Paper – Pencil – Scissors – Sandpaper and/or file. – Dowels … {continue reading}

Treasure Life Moments – Project Life by Stampin’ Up #Giveaway

Stampin Up Project Life - Best Day Ever

I use to scrapbook all the time. However, I didn’t use paper to scrapbook. I was really into digital scrapbooking. I was intimidated by real scrapbooking. I was always worried that I would cut the paper wrong or that I’d have to start all over because I didn’t like where I glued an embellishment. Yes, basically the same insecurities that I have when it comes to sewing. haha Digital scrapbooking was a safe way to scrapbook, I could also click undo if I didn’t like the way I placed something. The main down side with doing it digitally, I rarely … {continue reading}

Triplet Tote – Sewing 101 – My first real sewing project!

Triplet Tote - Sewing for beginners! Sewing 101 #sewing #sewingforbeginners #sewing101

I completed my very first real sewing project! YAY!! I’m so excited! Back in December 2012 my mother-in-law bought me the most AWESOME gift ever: my very first sewing machine! Even though this awesome sewing machine had Confidence in its name, it still didn’t give me confidence to sew! I’ve realized that my problem doesn’t really apply to the sewing part, but mostly about cutting the fabric. I’m worried that I will cut the fabric wrong and then have to scrap it. Fabric is soooo pretty and it would just break my heart to have to scrap it. ANYWAYS, I’m … {continue reading}

Silk Wrap Bracelets – Tutorial by my daughter Gabrielle

Silk Wrap Bracelets - Tutorial by Gabrielle (9 years old)

Silk Wrap Bracelets ~ A few weeks ago I mentioned to you that Gabrielle had been working on a fabulous school project that I couldn’t wait to share with you. I’m so excited to share it with you today or I should say I’m very excited that Gabrielle will be sharing it with you today! She worked really hard on her project and her hard work paid off. Hello I’m Gabrielle! I’m Christine’s daughter. I just turned 9 on Monday! I’m very happy to be here today to share with you my Silk Wrap Bracelet Tutorial, which was my end … {continue reading}

DIY Painted Walking Sticks – Glamping Projects

DIY Painted Walking Sticks - Perfect Camping Craft!

Do you go camping with your kids? Do they get bored after a couple of hours? Or do you find yourself looking for something to entertain them while it rains outside? I know, it never rains while camping (haha)! Do you like to go walking with them? If any of these apply to you, you’ll love this camping craft.. perfect for Glamping! As soon as we get to our camping site, the first thing my daughters do is go out on the search to find their walking stick! They always end up finding a bunch of them. Two years ago we stayed … {continue reading}

Aztec Clay Pendant – Easy Clay Jewelry – #SculpeyProjects

Aztec Clay Pendant - Tutorial

This post is brought to you by Polyform Products. Featuring the NEW Sculpey Soufflé Clay. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Have you heard of Sculpey’s NEW Souffle Clay? It’s a lightweight clay that is PERFECT for jewelry making. I made a bunch of jewelry with it and I can’t get over how light the clay is. It comes in a bunch of awesome colors and BONUS you can mix them together to create custom colors too! What do you think of the Aztec Clay Pendants I made? They are super easy to make and such a fun design. Want to make some too? Aztec Clay … {continue reading}

Duck Tape® Mini Instant Photo Frames – #TheDuckAtWalmart

Duck Tape® Mini Instant Photo Frames and Magnets - #TheDuckAtWalmart

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine. I'm so excited! I made my very first Duck Tape® creation! I bet everyone who creates something with Duck Tape® gets excited! I'm not sure if it's because of the great collection of Duck Tape® patterns and colors or it's because of how easy it is to create stuff with it?! What do you think? I went to Walmart a few weeks ago, I was in the paint section of the store when I noticed the Duck Tape® section! I was amazed with … {continue reading}

Decorative Eggs with paint and ribbon – 12 Easter Crafts

Decorative Eggs - Easter Eggs

Decorative Easter Eggs ~ Guess what we did this weekend? We decorated more eggs!! We didn’t do much Easter crafts last year, so we are making up for it this year! hehe :) I came across these cute farm eggs and I loved the way they were decorated. I used them as inspiration to create ours. Decorative Easter Eggs Supplies: – Brown eggs (Extra large or jumbo eggs. Don’t forget to empty them.) – Acrylic paint – Decorative ribbon (I got my ribbon from May Arts: Wired String with Mini Raffia Bows in Natural and Sheer Box Pleat Ribbon in … {continue reading}

Baking Soda Easter Eggs { Easter Ornaments }

Baking Soda Easter Eggs - Easter Crafts

Baking Soda Easter Eggs ~ I’ve been wanting to make salt dough ornaments for a while now and when I looked at the recipes I was kind of disappointed with how long they take to make. Ok, they aren’t long to make, but require many hours in the oven. When you have kids who are excited to make something, waiting 3 hours plus cooling time.. is just too long. I was really excited when I came across a Baking Soda Dough recipe from UrbanBlissLife!! I actually featured her recipe back in December at From Dream To Reality. She had created … {continue reading}