Discoveries Sponsors Edition – May 2013


Discoveries Sponsors Edition – Every month I like to ask my current sponsors to share with my readers a product or post they are really proud. This month I also included a post/product of theirs that I would like you to discover. I hope you’ll enjoy this round-up of their brilliance as much as I do.   Discoveries Sponsors Edition – May   *****   Fabricworm would like you to discover: Elk Grove Collection by Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics Organic.   I would like you to discover: Tutorial: Little Hitchiker’s Backpack by Christina McKinney.   *****   Whimsical Whimsies … {continue reading}

Discoveries Sponsors Edition – March 2013


It’s time for another Discoveries Sponsors Edition! Each month I ask my current sponsors to share a post or product that they would like to share with The DIY Dreamer readers. I always enjoy going through this post and I hope you do too!   Discoveries Sponsors Edition – March   *****   Fabricworm would like you to discover: Mod Basics collection from Birch Fabrics Organic “Fabricworm offers the highly versatile and perfectly adorable Mod Basics collection from Birch Fabrics Organic. We even have a new color, Mahogany! These basics are the perfect compliment to any sewing project.”   ***** … {continue reading}

Discoveries Sponsors Edition – February 2013


It’s time for Discoveries Sponsors Edition. Every month I ask my sponsors to share a product or post they would like to show off to my readers. This month, I decided to change it up a little. Since Valentine’s Day is next week, I have asked them to share something that is Red, Love.. well basically anything Valentine’s Day related. Here is what they came up with: Discoveries Sponsors Edition – February   *****   LuBeth Designs would like you to discover: Pomegranate Posie Necklace “This sweet necklace would make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day (or any other day)! … {continue reading}

Discoveries Sponsors Edition – January


Every month I ask my current sponsors to share what they would like my readers to discover. They can share they favorite blog post, favorite product, their newest post/product, a giveaway, a recipe, etc… They can share whatever they wish because it’s their time to shine.  It’s fun going through the discoveries sponsors edition. Discoveries Sponsors Edition – January   *****   Purse & Clutch would like you to discover: Navy Ikat Backpack ”Gorgeous, ikat fabric hand loomed by skilled weavers in Uganda, using locally-sourced cotton yarns. Lined in Ugandan cotton. Straps are hand-cut from leather remnants in an artisan … {continue reading}

Discoveries – December Sponsors Edition


It’s that time again, Discoveries Sponsors Edition! I just LOVE this series, I always look forward to seeing what my sponsors would like my readers to discover. Happy Surfing :)   *****   Simply Pillow would like you to discover:  All Pillow Covers are $10 ”This month we are offering a very special deal for the holidays. All covers are $10 each. If you looking for a gift for your loved ones or want to decorate your nest in the new year, then come and stop by to have a look. Use code DIY12 for an extra 10% saving, this … {continue reading}

Discoveries – November Sponsors Edition

  LifeCreated would like you to discover: Creation Photography.. Farm Life ”This post is about a local farm we visited and the photographic moments we had there”   *****   Fabricworm would like you to discover: Quilt Kit ”Camp Sur Grand Junction Quilt Kit (begins shipping Nov.16th)”   *****   Leen Machine Paper Studio would like you to discover: Christmas Card – Elf Laundry Set of 10 ”We often forget that elves have to get ready for the holidays too! It’s their busiest time of the year! Show your elf appreciation with these set of holiday cards!”   *****   … {continue reading}

Discoveries – October Sponsors Edition

Whimsical Whimsies would like you to discover: Fall Leaf Napkin Ring ”Autumn is my favorite season and I just love adding to our fall decor! These napkin rings were made entirely out of things I had on hand from decorations from previous years. Check out this super easy tutorial and much more at my family and craft blog, Whimsical Whimsies!” ***** Mommy Madewould like you to discover:  Zander’s Love Language”In this post I share about my youngest son’s love language. Dont know about love language? Well is the things you say or when you do just the right thing guaranteed … {continue reading}

Discoveries – September Sponsors Edition

Last month I changed up the sponsors featured post for something more fun: Discoveries – Sponsors Edition.  I received many emails from readers telling me how much they enjoyed this new feature post.  And since you all loved it as much as I did….. Let’s have fun again discovering new things with my September Sponsors: FlashPals would like you to discover: Cuddly USB Drives – Save More Than Your Data ”These cuddly flash drives started as a DIY gift for my girlfriend a couple years ago. They have since evolved into a full-time venture called FlashPals, with a mission to … {continue reading}

Discoveries – August Sponsors Edition

Instead of doing a regular Sponsors Feature Post… I decided to change things up a little.  My Sponsors advertise on my blog for my readers to discover them…. so why not ask them what they would like you to discover…. ***** Mommy Made would you like to Discover:  DIY Pirate Shirt – No Sew ”This is a fun and totally easy plain T-Shirt makeover, for all you pirate fans!  I created these beacause my son’s birthday was a Pirate theme and I wanted him to have something fun to wear!” ***** The Pinterest Project would like you to Discover: Picture, … {continue reading}