How to make these DIY Projects – Tutorials coming soon!

How-to DIY Tutorials coming soon!

You know how sometimes you are just so excited about a project and you just can’t wait to get started? You start working on it right away. Once the project is finished you’re so happy that it’s everything you hoped it would be and more.  You’re so proud of it and can’t wait to show it to everyone?! Well.. I have a few of those projects and a couple of which are on this blog… I was so excited and caught up on working on them, that I did not take step by step photos.. OUPS!! Here are two of … {continue reading}

Whipped Goodness – 10 Great Recipes – Food and Body

Whipped Goodness - 10 Recipes

Is there anything better than Whipped Cream? I love its texture and I love the taste! And even better, I came across some wonderful recipes for the body too! Yes that’s right, whipped body scrub, lip scrubs and even body wash! Isn’t that awesome? Whipped Goodness – 10 Great Recipes   Cream Cheese Whipped Cream from Living Better Together.   Chocolate Dipped Cherry Meringues from Lemons for Lulu.   Chocolate & Strawberry Kahlua Crepes with Kahlua Whipped Cream from Living Better Together.   Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake from Your Homebased Mom.   Whipped Body Wash from The Grant Life.   … {continue reading}

Stylish Bobby Pins – DIY Hair Jewels

Stylish Bobby Pins - DIY Hair Jewels -

I’ve been working on little gifts for my daughters for Valentine’s Day. I’ve already made them Charm Necklaces ($3 each) that I’m quite proud of. I also wanted to make something for them to put in their hair. That’s when I decided I would make them Stylish Bobby Pins. These cute little hair pins are VERY EASY and inexpensive to make! Oh and very quick to put together. I already had bobby pins on hand (they had cost me $1 for a pack) and I bought the pack of jewels for $1 at the dollar store. Of course you also … {continue reading}

How to make Rockstar Jewelry

How to make Rockstar Jewelry -

Do you have a wanna be Rockstar in your life? I have the perfect little tutorial for you! I made Rockstar Jewelery for Gabrielle the other day and I can’t wait to surprise her with her very own Rock Star jewelry set! I came across these little charms as I was shopping for Valentine charms that I used to create the DIY Charm Necklaces. I just couldn’t leave the store without buying them, I just knew that they would be perfect for Gabrielle. Not only were they cute, but only $3.97. With the little kit I could make one necklace … {continue reading}

$3 DIY Charm Necklace Tutorial

$3 DIY Charm Necklace Tutorial -

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I decided it was time to start putting together little gifts for Gabrielle and Emanuelle. They have asked me on several occasions for charm necklaces (they already have charm bracelets). So yesterday I headed out to purchase supplies to make some for them. And this is how the necklaces turned out: I made two identical charms necklaces for $3 each!! I picked up the supplies at my local Walmart. The chain was $4 (enough to make 4 necklaces!) and it came with the necessary supplies to put it together. I also picked up two key-chain … {continue reading}

Top 25 DIY Projects of 2013

Top 25 Projects of 2013

I’ve put together the top 25 DIY projects that were featured on From Dream To Reality this year. Hope you enjoy these projects as much as I do! They are all really fun projects! (Eeekk… I can’t believe this is the last day of 2013!! The year went by soooooo fast!!) Top 25 DIY Projects of 2013   Cupboard Door Serving Tray from Lolly Lane.   Vintage File Cabinet Makeover from Maison de Pax.   DIY Table using Cabinet Doors from Do Small Things with Love.   Milk Crate Ottoman from Decorating Ideas made easy.   Cottage-Style Coffee Table Transformation … {continue reading}

Elf Boots – Felt Christmas Ornaments

Elf Boots - Christmas Felt Ornaments - Tutorial

Every year I like to make new Christmas ornaments for our tree. One of my favorite things to use is felt. I find that felt is easy to find and very easy to work with. This year I made cute Elf Boots! They are quite adorable! Elf Boots Ornaments Supplies: – Felt – Binder clips – Sewing Pins – Ribbon – Stuffing – Scissors – Pencil – Paper – Glue Gun Instructions: Step 1: Draw an elf boot onto a piece of paper. Step 2: Once you have the desired boot, cut it out. Step 3: Fold the piece of … {continue reading}

Christmas Bookmarks – Perfect Gift for book lovers

Christmas Bookmarks - Easy Tutorial

Every Christmas I like to get a couple of books for my daughters as gifts. My husband and I love reading to them and watching the excitement in their eyes as the stories unravel. Since Gabrielle reads now, we decided to get her books from a series. Figured this way, she’ll be even more excited about finishing the book and knowing that there’s a second book that follows. Emanuelle will be getting these fun books: Isabella: Star of the Story The Snatchabook Gabrielle will be getting The Templeton Twins Books: The Templeton Twins Have an Idea The Templeton Twins Make … {continue reading}

DIY Wrapping Paper – Created easily with a printer

DIY Wrapping Paper - created easily with a printer

Don’t you hate it when you are wrapping last minute gifts and realize you don’t have any wrapping paper left? Or you just can’t find the perfect gift wrap for a special gift? Well, you are in luck.. I have an EASY and quick solution for you! Use a printer to create beautiful custom gift wrap. Back in October I got a HP Photosmart 7520 printer which can print, copy, scan and fax. I knew it would be the perfect tool to create wrapping paper. To create this gorgeous cedar wrapping paper I placed cedar branches on the printer’s glass scanning … {continue reading}

Handmade Wreaths – Elegant and Simple

Handmade Wreaths - Elegant and Simple

A few weeks ago I put together my very first handmade wreath: Wooden Spool Christmas Wreath. I was quite happy with the result and found it really fun to put together. As I went through the December issue of Martha Stewart Living this weekend, I came across beautiful Handmade Wreaths. I like that they look super fancy and yet they are quite simple to put together (you know how much a like simple projects.). I thought I would share a few of them with you. Photos by Matthew Williams. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2013.   Handmade Wreaths … {continue reading}

DIY Scarf Embellishment Tutorial

DIY Scarf Embellishment Tutorial

My daughter is part of her school choir again this year. They were asked to wear something red and green during their performances. Gabrielle had a simple red scarf that she received as a gift from Santa last year. I figured if I jazzed it up a little bit with some green, it would be perfect to wear during the performances. DIY Scarf Embellishment Supplies: – Scarf – Sequin trim – Fabric Glue – Scissors – Ruler (optional) – Chalk (optional) Instructions: Step 1: Place the sequin trim onto the scarf and decide how you want to place it on … {continue reading}