Butterfly Beaded Keychain and 16 more Easter Projects!

Beautiful DIY Butterfly Beaded Keychain!

With Easter and Spring just around the corner, my daughters’ and I are in the crafting mood. I like to get them involved with the gifts we give our family members for each holiday. This year we thought it would be fun to give them each a handmade butterfly keychain rather than chocolate. We went with butterflies to give them more of a spring feel, however we could have easily gone with cute rabbits to represent Easter. DIY Butterfly Beaded Keychain Supplies: – Keychain rings (big split rings) – Bulky chain – Small split rings or jump rings. – Beads … {continue reading}

Charm Necklace – Easy to make on the go!

Charm Necklace - Easy to make on the go! Easy jewelry tutorial.

I love re-purposing things. There’s just something fun about taking an item that is meant for one thing, but use it for an entirely different purpose. For example, using an old puzzle board and transforming it into a chalkboard instead. Genius idea, right?! When I got my hands on a package of Rubbermaid LunchBlox, I knew it would be PERFECT for another use. First of all, let me explain to you what the Rubbermaid LunchBlox is. It’s the perfect solution for all your lunch storage needs. NO JOKE! It’s designed to save space and keep lunch boxes organized. The LunchBlox … {continue reading}

18 DIY Children’s Headboards – FDTR #152

From Dream To Reality

18 DIY Children’s Headboards ~ A couple of years ago we built Emanuelle a bed, yes even the bed frame! We used old wood shutters to create her headboard. She’s still loving her bed and I must say that I smile each time I see it, I’m very proud that we built it. As a lot of you know, we have promised to tackle Gabrielle’s bedroom soon. It’s going to be a BIG job. We are planning on gutting the entire room so that we can re-insulate it and we also have two windows to replace. She keeps talking about her … {continue reading}

Small Entryway Makeover and Decorative Shelf with Hooks

Small Entryway Makeover and Decorative Shelf with Hooks.

We have a small home, but we are quite content with its size (except for the kitchen haha). Our small home, also has a small entryway. During the winter months, the entryway seems to feel even smaller. If we’ve been outside playing in the snow, we always leave all our wet belongings on the entryway floor and closet door knob to dry. Basically, the entire space is filled with wet stuff. One of the projects we wanted to complete last year was to make the entryway bigger. We were going to remove the closet door so that we could add cubbies, … {continue reading}

Basement Renovation: DRIcore Subfloor Installation

How to install Subfloor. DRIcore Subfloor installation.

I’m so excited about today! I get to share with you the DRIcore Subfloor installation in our future office/craft room in the basement! I’m so happy with how it turned out. It’s looking more and more like a room. LOVE IT! It all started when this arrived in the fall: You have no idea how excited I was when it arrived! It meant that I was going to finally have a real office/craft room! YAY! A big THANK YOU to Sébastien and my Dad from bringing it all in the basement. I wasn’t able to help, since I still wasn’t allowed to … {continue reading}

Top 30 DIY Projects of 2014 with tutorials

Top 30 DIY Projects of 2014. A fabulous collection of DIY Projects that you can make!

Two weeks ago I shared with you the Top 30 Sewing Projects of 2014. Today’s the day I share with you the Top 30 DIY Projects of 2014. All of these projects were featured on From Dream To Reality at one point during 2014. Now, sit back and enjoy these fabulous projects! Top 30 DIY Projects of 2014   How to build a Pipe Shelf from House of Hipsters.   How to paint a Piano from Your Homebased Mom.   Ikea Hack Play Kitchen (Fridge & Microwave) from Little Red Window.   Make New Doors Look Old from Chic California.   Workbench Look … {continue reading}

Having your own tools makes DIY easier!!

My own tools! DEWALT Tools from Build.com

When you are in full renovation mode and/or you are DIY anything, you need tools to complete the projects. As most of you know, I tend to borrow most of my tools from my Dad. I have some, but not many. With our basement renovation in full swing, we’ve been noticing that we’ve been borrowing more tools than usual. We’re quite lucky that my Dad doesn’t mind, however having your own tools on-hand sure makes renovating/DIY easier. Having your own tools makes DIY easier! Just the other day, we bought a door and we needed a hole saw to drill … {continue reading}

Basement Renovation: Waterproofing, Changing Windows, etc

Basement Renovation - Let's get started. First step, apply a basement waterproofing paint on the concrete walls, like BEHR Basement and Masonry Waterproofer.

As I mentioned to you a few times, we are currently working on our basement. Last time I gave you an update on our basement renovation we were cleaning out the space that will be our Office and Craft Room. I had also shared with you our plan and what we will need to do in order to finish the space. I’m happy to report that the space is EMPTY! Yay! And we also got a lot of our to-do list done. Just seeing the space empty made me so happy! I knew it was going to be a nice size for … {continue reading}

Top 30 Sewing Projects of 2014 with tutorials

Top 30 Sewing Projects of 2014. Collection of sewing projects that you can make. Full of sewing inspiration and tutorials.

As most of you know, I LOVE hosting From Dream To Reality every week. My most favorite reason to host is because I get to see what you’ve been creating. You are the most talented bunch out there! Seriously, YOU ROCK! I’m happy to share with you today the Top 30 Sewing Projects of 2014. These 30 Sewing Projects where featured on From Dream To Reality during 2014. Have fun browsing these fabulous sewing tutorials! Top 30 Sewing Projects of 2014   Sew a DIY Teepee Play Tent from The DIY Mommy.   Simple Spring Infinity Scarves from Eliza Ellis. … {continue reading}

Create a Wall Art Gallery with Canon PIXMA PRO printer

Creat your own Wall Art Gallery

I love wall art galleries, like REALLY LOVE them! However I’ve always been intimidated to actually create one myself. Just hanging a couple of picture frames takes me a few days before I actually hang them. I’m always worried that I won’t place them nicely. And because of this photo frame hanging intimidation, I also end up opting for frames where I can insert a bunch of photos in them. I let the frame do all the “wall art gallery” work, but it still takes me a couple of days to hang it up. haha This is the extent of my wall … {continue reading}

Beaded Wrap Bracelet Tutorial – Kid Craft

Beautiful Beaded Wrap Bracelet - Kid Craft! This bracelet was made by a 9 year old. Come check out the tutorial so that you came make some too!

With the Holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. And that’s exactly what Gabrielle has been doing! This year she wants to make gifts for family members. She decided she should start making things now if she wants to be able to make something for everyone. (Smart thinking!) The first gift she worked on was a beaded wrap bracelet. She asked if I could share a tutorial with you in case you would like to make some too. (Of course she didn’t have to ask me twice! hehe) Beaded Wrap Bracelet – Kid Craft Supplies: – Glass … {continue reading}

Quick and Easy Vintage Nightstand Makeover – Vibrant New Look!

Quick and Easy Vintage Nightstand Makeover – Vibrant New Look!

About 15 years ago I picked up the most unique three drawer nightstand ever. It belonged to my great-grand-mother. I remember seeing it in her bedroom years ago, however it wasn’t a nightstand at that time, it was actually part of a vanity. I’m not sure why it was removed from the vanity and where the other side went, but I’m happy to at least have part of it. I love its details and rounded corners. It was white when I got it, I worked really hard to remove all the paint from it. I varnished it and used it as … {continue reading}

My Back Porch has a Fresh New Look! Finally!

Beautiful Back Porch updated with fresh paint!

Guess what? Today’s the day that I share with you my Updated Back Porch!! YAY!! If you are observant, you might have noticed a sneak peak on Instagram. After some sanding and painting… we are finally FINISHED!! And it looks GREAT! It took longer than we expected with the crazy weather we had the last few months. If you didn’t have a chance to read my before post you can check it out here: My 1960’s House needs an Outdoor Makeover. Back Porch Makeover Reveal Doesn’t it look GREAT?! I’m loving it so much! So different from what it looked like before: … {continue reading}