Treasure Life Moments – Project Life by Stampin’ Up #Giveaway

Stampin Up Project Life - Best Day Ever

I use to scrapbook all the time. However, I didn’t use paper to scrapbook. I was really into digital scrapbooking. I was intimidated by real scrapbooking. I was always worried that I would cut the paper wrong or that I’d have to start all over because I didn’t like where I glued an embellishment. Yes, basically the same insecurities that I have when it comes to sewing. haha Digital scrapbooking was a safe way to scrapbook, I could also click undo if I didn’t like the way I placed something. The main down side with doing it digitally, I rarely … {continue reading}

Traveling to the US – Secret Beach – #TELUS

Parsons Beach - Kennebunk Maine

We recently went on a family vacation to Kennebunkport in Maine. We knew we wanted a beach vacation and we didn’t want to travel too far. Going to Maine was an easy decision. We visited Kennebunkport 12 years ago, before we had kids, and we loved it. It’s about a 5 hour drive, which means we could enjoy the beach on the very first day. We all LOVE the beach! When traveling, you still want to be able to stay connected even if you are on ”vacation”. I think it’s important to have in case of emergencies, check maps, read … {continue reading}

Spring Picture Books from Raincoast Books and Chronicle Kids

Spring Picture Books from Raincoast Books and Chronicle Kids

We are a family that LOVES books. I read one book at a time but I tend to devour them very quickly. My husband however has many of them going at the same time and takes his time to read each of them (really letting the information sink in). Gabrielle is like her father, lots of books at once and takes her time reading them. Emanuelle doesn’t read yet, but she enjoys looking at the pictures and making up stories to go with them. And lucky for her, we all love reading to her… especially Gabrielle.   Chronicle Spring Picture Books Looking for suggestions of … {continue reading}

It’s my Birthday!!


Today’s my Birthday!! Yay!! I’m so looking forward to my daughters waking up so that we can start our day.  Sébastien is bringing us out for breakfast to celebrate. I LOVE going out for breakfast. We don’t go often, so it’s a real treat for me. A yummy breakfast, sipping a wonderful Mocha and chatting away with my little family is a perfect morning for me. I have no idea what we are doing this afternoon, perhaps we’ll go out for a nice walk.  The sun is FINALLY out (would you believe it’s been cloudy/snowy here for the last 17 … {continue reading}

Valentine Cookies!!!

Valentine Cookies

Every year we make Valentine Cookies for Valentine’s Day.  We make them as a family and give them to our family and friends. The Valentine Cookies are always very much appreciated treats. Usually we just put candy sprinkles on the cookies, but last year we also made some cookies with icing and sprinkles. I must say that the frosting was quite yummy. Gabrielle and I working on our Valentine Cookies: As Gabrielle and I were rolling the first batch of dough… we looked over and noticed we lost a ”worker”: Little Miss Emanuelle passed out of the floor right next … {continue reading}

Spooky Ghost Family!!!

Spooky Ghost Family

I want to thank Shatzi from Love and Laundry for the Floating Cheesecloth Ghost Tutorial.  I found it sooooo cool and it looked so easy to do, that I had to try it out with my family. Here’s our: Spooky Ghost Family We had sooooo much fun created them.  We were going to just make two, but Sébastien thought it would be awesome if we created one to represent each of us. What do you think?  Pretty cool right? Tomorrow I will share with you my living room Halloween decor. Have a GREAT one!! P.S. I’m linking at these Parties. post … {continue reading}

Our Thanksgiving Tradition!!!

For the last 8 years we have been going to Smugglers’ Notch Family Resort in Vermont as a family to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We rent a condo where our entire family can stay together.  We go on this trip with my parents, my sisters, their husbands/boyfriends and with my nieces and nephews.  It’s truly a great time that we all look forward to. The very first day of the trip involves our annual visit to the town of Stowe.  To get to Stowe we drive through the scenic Smugglers’ Notch.  It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!  We just love all the little shops and the scenery.  Our favorite little shop … {continue reading}

Family Fun!!!

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend.  We have two major fun things we are going to do with the kids. Tomorrow night we are going to do some camping in the backyard with the girls.  We have never been ”camping” at home before.  We are going to surprise the girls.  I can’t wait to see how excited they will be.  We will set up the tent together and sit by the fire with some yummy marshmallows.  It’s going to be FUN!!  Have you ever done some backyard camping before? Sunday is going to be a big family day.  The … {continue reading}

What I’m Thankful for Today!!!

Today, I’m thankful for… …my best friend and husband Sébastien, …my daughters Gabrielle and Emanuelle, …being able to work from home, EVERYDAY!!! …this heavenly café mocha from Café Rouge, …this great book I picked up for 6$,     …having found a chiropractor that is helping me heal  a sore back I’ve had since 2009,    IT FEELS AMAZING NOT TO BE IN PAIN!!! …finding a way to free my creative spirit,   …having so many loving readers, I LOVE YOU ALL!!! …having wonderful supporting sponsors, CHECK THEM OUT HERE!!!    and thankful for so many other things. How about you, what … {continue reading}

Emanuelle’s Rainbow Party!!!

**** Today is the last day to enter the March Sponsors Group Giveaway!! **** Emanuelle’s 3rd Birthday party theme was Rainbows.   Yes, a very popular theme this year. :) I’m VERY happy that I always have the preparations done before the special day… especially this year… I woke up the day of the party with a major soar throat… to the point that I thought about calling my entire family to say we were going to postponed the party.  However I sucked it up for my little Emanuelle :)  Anyways, so the day of… we only have to put up the … {continue reading}

March Break!!!

My daughter Gabrielle is on March Break right now.  Which means I get to spend quality time with her… AWESOME!!!! Tuesday we went SHOPPING and got to go to the MOVIES with my Mom!!  We had a great time!!  I scored the best deal on a super cute outfit for Gabrielle.  A cute black tank top for $4.50 instead of $18, a skirt for $8.50 instead of $28.50 and a some really cute leggings for $18.. hehe ok ok the leggings weren’t on sale but we just HAD to get them. After we were done shopping, we headed right to … {continue reading}

Beaded Bookmark!!!

Sébastien and I got married in Punta Cana back in 2008.  Since we had a ”Destination Wedding” we didn’t want the wedding favors to be too big and they absolutely had to travel well. We decided bookmarks would be great and this is what we came up with: I made the bookmarks in our wedding colors.  The pink bookmarks went to the ladies and the aqua bookmarks went to the men. Pretty cute, don’t you think? Everyone loved the bookmarks!!  Bookmarks make great wedding favors even when you’re not having a destination wedding.  :) Sébastien, Gabrielle and I on our … {continue reading}

DIY Bread Bag Fastener!!

Have you ever lost your bread bag fastener?? Just use a flower hair clip instead!! That’s just what my 6 year old did when she couldn’t find it. hehehehe I all but peed myself when I took out the loaf of bread and found the flower clip on it.   She’s a genius!!! hehehe If you do find your bread bag fasteners (clips) and you are looking for ways to use them…. Here are some greats ideas: Recycled Bread Tag Snowmen Cable Organizers Wine Glass Charms End of Roll Recycled Bread Tag Monsters P.S. Because I think this is cute… I’m … {continue reading}