Feature Post & Giveaway – LuBeth Designs

I’m so HAPPY to have Genevieve from LuBeth Designs back with us here today.  She stopped in back in August to answer a few questions I had for her so that you could get to know her better.  You can read the post here ”Feature Post & Giveaway – LuBeth Designs”. LuBeth Designs is a shop where you’ll find necklaces & bracelets featuring hand rolled fabric rosettes, earrings, interchangeable chunky beaded watch-bands and watch faces. Have you seen the Satin Bloom that’s new in the shop?? LOVE IT!!  You can even add a metal headband to it!! SWEET! With Thanksgiving that just went by, I thought I … {continue reading}

Feature Post & Giveaway – LuBeth Designs

One of my new sponsors this month is Genevieve from LuBeth Designs.  LuBeth Designs is a shop where you’ll find necklaces & bracelets featuring hand rolled fabric rosettes, earrings, interchangeable chunky beaded watch-bands and watch faces. I asked her a few questions so that we could call get to know her better :) Who’s Genevieve?  Hi! My name is Genevieve and I’m the “fingers” behind LuBeth Designs. I’ve been married to my wonderful guy for sixteen years & we have three pretty great kids. I love bright colors, sunshine, the beach, finding new treats to bake, coffee, friends, family & my camera (life is … {continue reading}

Feature Post – Whimsical Whimsies

You’ve seen Christy from Whimsical Whimsies here a few times before, however you never actually met her.  Today Christy is here to introduce herself to you. Happy Reading!! ***** I thought I’d take this wonderful opportunity given to my by Christine (isn’t she terrific?!!) to introduce myself and Whimsical Whimsies. While I have been given the honor of doing feature posts on the DIY Dreamer previously, I’ve never really introduced myself (how rude of me!). My name is Christy, wife to a great man and mama to three precious girls. In our house, we do as much as we can to … {continue reading}

Feature Post – Second Chance to Dream

I’m super EXCITED to have Barb from Second Chance to Dream here today to answer some questions I had for her.  She’s one wonderful lady with a bunch of FABULOUS ideas.  You’re going to adore her!! Who’s Barb?I live in Northern Michigan with my hubby of almost 35 years and my twin boys 13, Carson and Connor. We have 4 grown and 3 of whom are married and 3 grandchildren. I love to create and you can almost always find some kind of evidence of that creating at any moment in my house. I am a life coach and my … {continue reading}

Feature Post – Brag About It

One of my favorite online shops is Brag About It.  Not only is it one of my favorites, but I’m lucky enough to have Brag About It as one of my sponsors.  Would you believe Brag About It was my very first sponsor and has never left my sidebar?  Well, you would if you knew Melissa… she’s AMAZINGLY supportive and I’m really LUCKY to have her as my friend. I just ordered two new pieces (one for my hubby and one for Gabrielle).  I always loved the way my order is beautiful packaged, however Brag About It has outdone itself again with … {continue reading}

Feature Post – Yeung Mother Hubbard

Guess who’s here today?  Nichole from Yeung Mother Hubbard!!  YAY!! I truly ADORE this lady.  She’s wonderful, caring and SWEET!  I asked her a few questions so that you could get to know her a little better. Happy Reading! ***** Hi there, I am Nichole and I am the voice behind Yeung Mother Hubbard.  I am a wife to my best friend, a doggie mama, an auto damage estimator / office manager, a quilter, a DIYer, a crafter, a nail polish hoarder, a food lover and much much more. What do you like most about your blog, Yeung Mother Hubbard?My favorite … {continue reading}

Feature Post & Giveaway – Mommy Made

I LOVE Marie-Isabel from Mommy Made… she’s so fun and sweet!!  She was here last month with a wonderful post ”I am the mommy who”.  She’s back this month to answer some questions I had for her…. AND she also asked for me to host a giveaway… of course I said YES!!! Who’s Maria-Isabel?I’m a Christian Momma, with a passion for anything artsy & crafty. I love to sing, and create by hand. I love my life, I’m blessed to be a stay at home Momma to 3 kids, where we can have fun, create memories & I can go … {continue reading}

Feature Post – Mommy Made

Sooooo EXCITED to introduce to you Maria-Isabel from Mommy Made.  I met Maria-Isabel through her other blog Agape Love Designs (which you should totally check out.. PLUS her shop is closing for the summer so there’s a 60% sale going on).  Marie-Isabel is a FABULOUS Mommy with a FANTASTIC taste of style.. oh and you should SOOO check out her makeup, she’s got such a talent!! ***** Hello DIY Dreamer Readers!! I am Maria-Isabel, and I blog over at Mommy Made.  You may also recognize me from my more well know blog Agape Love Designs.   Mommy Made is sort of … {continue reading}

Feature Post – The Dreamy Meadow

Let me introduce to you Katlyn, my wonderful friend who blogs over at The Dreamy Meadow.  We met a few weeks ago through the Blog Angels project and we just hit it off.  She’s beautiful, wonderful and down to earth! Who’s Katlyn? I’m a military wife and young mom who is going through life unsure of what’s going to happen next. I love to have little adventures with my little family and I love being able to live in Washington, thanks to the Navy! I one day wish to study Psychology and work to help children. Let’s just say I … {continue reading}

Feature Post – Yeung Mother Hubbard

I’m super HAPPY to introduce to you Nichole,  the wonderful lady behind Yeung Mother Hubbard.  ***** My name is Nichole and I blog over at Yeung Mother Hubbard.  I am so happy to be over here today! My blog started as a way for me to showcase my quilts, but has evolved into a bundle of, well, everything.  I used to post only when I finished a quilt, but thankfully that has changed… one post a month just wasn’t doing anything for me.  And… I haven’t quilted for months so yea, it would be a ghost town. It was only recently … {continue reading}

Feature Post & Giveaway – Leen Machine Paper Studio

I’m sooooo EXCITED to introduce to you the wonderful Paulene from Leen Machine Paper Studio.  She’s AMAZINGLY awesome and soooooooo SWEET!! Seriously she’s as sweet as they come! ***** Who is Paulene? I’m a girl who loves color and prefer design just like my house and workspace – clean and simple. Leen Machine Paper Studio is where color and my design taste meet and the ideas in my head get unloaded. I’m also a perfectionist that’s pushing on and striving for progress instead, no matter how much I cringe at the mistakes I make along the way.  Where do you get your … {continue reading}

Guest Post – Hanging Multiple Frames by Whimsical Whimsies

Christy from Whimsical Whimsies is here today to show you are really easy way to hang multiple frames.  We have all had to do this at one point and it takes so much time to figure out how to place each frame so that they are perfectly placed.  This tutorial is going to save you A LOT of headache! ***** When designing our hallway makeover, I wanted to find an easy way to hang the pictures. I found a fabulous idea that I’m going to share with you.   What I used for this was:   wax paper  tape measure  … {continue reading}

Feature Post & Giveaway – Fawn & Flora

Great ideas happen when you least expect them. Such was the case when Heather, a creator of lovely feminine accessories & full time blogger and Dana, a plush-making designer/artist were introduced through the idea machine known as the internet.  The girls shared the same love for crafty projects and pretty things, and had the business sense to boot! One day, while working in their separate studios in separate countries, they had a sudden urge to join forces to see if they could take the handmade shop world by storm.  Their idea was simple. A pretty shop that carried supplies and … {continue reading}