Halloween Planter Decorations: Chalkboard Wood Bats

Halloween Planter Decorations: Chalkboard Wood Bats - Super fun and easy Halloween decor for your plants!

Chalkboard Wood Bats ~ Happy October!! I’m so excited to be sharing my first Halloween craft of the season! YAY! I bought Mums (chrysanthemums) a few weeks ago to decorate outside. They are my favorite fall flowers! Since they will be staying on my front porch for Halloween, I wanted to add something to them to decorate them for the occasion. What better way to decorate them than with planter decorations! Chalkboard Wood Bats Supplies: – Wood (I used wood scraps that were lying around at my parents’ garage.) – Paper – Pencil – Scissors – Sandpaper and/or file. – Dowels … {continue reading}

Glow in the dark Bat Canvas

Glow-in-the-dark Bat Canvas

Glow in the dark Bat Canvas ~ Halloween is only a week away! EEK!! You haven’t started decorating yet? No worries.. I have the easiest and fastest Halloween decor tutorial for you! Not only is it easy, it only requires few supplies! Glow in the dark Bat Canvas Supplies: – White Canvas (I bought mine for $1 at the Dollar store.) – Black cardboard (or construction paper) to make bats or purchase pre-made bats. – Multi-Surface Glow-in-the-Dark Finish from Martha Stewart Crafts – Foam Brush – Glue dots or adhesive strips Instructions: Step 1: Apply 3 coats of Glow-in-the-dark finish … {continue reading}

25+ Spooky Ghosts – Inspiration

Halloween Ghosts

With Halloween arriving next week and the fact that I love ghosts (only at Halloween haha), I figured it was the perfect time to share some Spooky Ghosts with you!  I know you’ll love these as much as I do! I had a great time surfing the web on the lookout for some to share with you! 25+ Spooky Ghosts Spooky Eyes Candle DIY from Julie Ann Art. Popcorn Box Ghosts from Ribbons and Glue. Halloween Pompoms from Mr. Printables. Ghostly Cupcake Toppers from Craftinomicon. Ghosts in Mason Jars from Mason Jar Crafts Love. You’re Boo-tiful! Halloween Printable from Live … {continue reading}

No Sew Bat Pillow!!!

Bat Pillow - NO SEW :)

I thought I would share this No Sew Bat Pillow Tutorial with you once again. Hope you enjoy it! My little family and I are having a ball decorating for Halloween this year. We always have fun, but this year we seem to be going a little nuts.  hehe It’s so fun! On Sunday we made this: Bat Pillow As most of you know, I don’t really sew yet (I’m learning).  I really wanted a Halloween Pillow but I couldn’t find one. Lucky for me, Walmart had a gorgeous black and oh so soft pillow on liquidation for $10.  I … {continue reading}

Creepy Crawly Bedroom { Spiders & Bats }

Creepy Crawly Bedroom Decor - Spiders and Bats

Transform your bedroom into a Creepy Crawly Bedroom with Halloween supplies from Martha Stewart Crafts. ~ As I mentioned yesterday, I received a box of Halloween supplies through the 12 Months of Martha program. I couldn’t wait to use them to decorate my home. When I saw the Dimensional Spider Silhouettes, I knew right away that they would look great with the Dimensional Bat Silhouettes I bought last year. I took out all the decorations and started decorating with my family. However, instead of decorating my living room and kitchen, like I usually do, I decided to decorate my bedroom. … {continue reading}

The Mummy Vase!!!

Mummy Vase

Last year I made the EASIEST Halloween Decoration… EVER!!!  The only supplies needed to create it are: a vase, gauze bandage or cheese cloth and googly eyes.  All of these supplies together create a Mummy! Mummy Vase You can get the steps by steps on how to create this mummy right here. I know I promised to show you some pictures from our pumpkin craving day, however… we didn’t carve the pumpkins yesterday as planned.  We were busy getting prepared for Frankenstorm aka Sandy.  Hopefully if everything stays quiet, we will be carving the pumpkins tonight. Hope you have one FABULOUS … {continue reading}

Halloween Decor!!!

Halloween Decor - Bats, Pillow, Ghosts

Yesterday when I showed you my Spooky Ghost Family, I promised to show you my living room Halloween Decor. Here it is: Halloween Decor The Bat Pillow that I created is resting happily on my couch.  Obviously the Spooky Ghost Family can not stay outside or they will wither away… they actually live in my living room. What do you think of my bat wall?  Pretty cool, right?!  I’m quite proud of it. When I took the photos of the living room, I forgot to include a photo of the Mummy Vase I made last year.  It’s really neat when … {continue reading}

Spooky Ghost Family!!!

Spooky Ghost Family

I want to thank Shatzi from Love and Laundry for the Floating Cheesecloth Ghost Tutorial.  I found it sooooo cool and it looked so easy to do, that I had to try it out with my family. Here’s our: Spooky Ghost Family We had sooooo much fun created them.  We were going to just make two, but Sébastien thought it would be awesome if we created one to represent each of us. What do you think?  Pretty cool right? Tomorrow I will share with you my living room Halloween decor. Have a GREAT one!! P.S. I’m linking at these Parties. post … {continue reading}

Halloween Coasters!!!

Last week I made Halloween Coasters with my Mom and my sister Emily.   Step 1:  We mixed a few drops of sealer into our base coat of paint and applied two coats unto our tiles.  Step 2:  With the help of carbon paper, we traced the design we wanted onto the tiles.  Step 3:  We painted the base color of our designs onto the tiles.  Step 4:  Time to do some shading and add some details.  Once it was all dry we applied a top coat of sealer.    Check out my previous Tile Coasters to see what how … {continue reading}

The Mummy!!!

Can you count to 3?  If so… you’ll be able to create this Mummy in a breeze! Step 1: Find a vase. I happened to have a dollar store vase: Step 2: Wrap gauze roller bandage or cheese cloth around the vase.  You can use hot glue to make sure it stays put.. or just wrap it tightly (that’s what I did): Step 3: Your Mummy needs eyes.  You can hot glue eyes or insert them in between the gauze. Voilà: You can use your Mummy as a vase.. or a candle holder :)