The Jewellery Box-Stand!!!

Do you remember my post on Jewellery Storage back in september?  I mentioned that we were going to make a jewellery box-stand for my daughter. Here it is…… the jewelry box we made for Gabrielle: What do you think???  I absolutely ADORE it!!!  I actually want to make one for myself and probably one for my youngest. hehe This is what it looks likes without jewellery on it: Measurements: 13.5” high x 8” deep x 12” wide The feet are actually little wooden door knobs.  This idea came from my Dad.  : ) Let me know if you try to … {continue reading}

Wooden Clementine Crates to Chalk Serving Trays

Wooden Clementine Crates can easily be transformed into serving trays.  Not only that, you can also paint them to make them wooden chalk serving trays. Great way to save the clementine wooden boxes you get when you purchase clementines. We have been throwing ours in recycling for years, I’m so happy I found a way to re-use them in a useful way. We now have a Coffee Corner, all out coffee supplies in a gorgeous crate box.  We also use the wooden crates for serving wine at parties.  Also makes a great neighbor gift too, if you bake cookies and place them … {continue reading}

Organization – Wrapping Supplies

Are your wrapping supplies organized or at least put away neatly?? Mine are in bags, boxes, loose, mixed up.. basically a total mess!! However, with a little work my mess is now organized!!!  I’m soooo proud of myself. Not too bad now is it?? This is what I started with: What do you think?  I told you it was a mess… How I got organized: Step 1:I started by taking out everything and started two piles.  One pile was a toss pile and the other was a keep pile. Step 2:Took out bins for the following:- Bin for Bows- Bin for … {continue reading}

Makeup Storage!!!

Where do you store your makeup?? I’m not quite sure I can say I store mine.. I basically use an old makeup bag and a plastic basket and throw everything in. When it’s makeup time… I have to dump everything on the counter to find what I’m looking for.. it’s quite awful to see. I was walking through the dollar store with my sister, when I came across the perfect storage baskets for my makeup. Look what I did with them: I absolutely LOVE IT!!  I just have to grab the basket I need.. or the entire tray… all my … {continue reading}