The Jewellery Box-Stand!!!

Jewelry Box Stand

Do you remember my post on Jewellery Storage back in september?  I mentioned that we were going to make a jewellery box-stand for my daughter. Here it is…… the jewelry box we made for Gabrielle: What do you think???  I absolutely ADORE it!!!  I actually want to make one for myself and probably one for…

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Organization – Wrapping Supplies

Are your wrapping supplies organized or at least put away neatly?? Mine are in bags, boxes, loose, mixed up.. basically a total mess!! However, with a little work my mess is now organized!!!  I’m soooo proud of myself. Not too bad now is it?? This is what I started with: What do you think?  I told…

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Makeup Storage!!!

Where do you store your makeup?? I’m not quite sure I can say I store mine.. I basically use an old makeup bag and a plastic basket and throw everything in. When it’s makeup time… I have to dump everything on the counter to find what I’m looking for.. it’s quite awful to see. I…

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