Indoor Product Photography Tips!!!

With the cold weather coming, I won’t be able to take my product (craft creations) photos outside so I have compiled a bunch of great Indoor Product Photography Tips.  These are all tips and tricks to better indoor product photography.   Indoor Product Photography Tips   5 Secrets to Great Product Photos Beth of Lackluster Co. guest over at Shrimp Salad Circus   Photography Tips I Heart Nap Time   How to take Better Pictures of your Products Homespun Houston Handmade   Photography Secrets for Shooting in Your Home Pretty Handy Girl   Studio Quality Product Photography with a $12 Set … {continue reading}

To Watermark or not to Watermark?

Do you put your name/logo on the photos you share on the web? I’ve been debating if I should put my logo on my photos.  Not because I don’t want to share my photos… it’s the complete contrary.. I want to make sure if my photos get lost on the web… whoever finds them can find me : ) With the current Pinterest craze going on, what if someone re-pins but not with my site… and then someone comes across my projects and wants more info.. but can’t get them because they can’t find me?! Now, if I do decide … {continue reading}