Whimsical Whimsies with Handmade Gifts + Giveaway!!!


My friend Christy from Whimsical Whimsies is here today with some GREAT handmade gift ideas.  Check out these awesome gifts she’ll be offering to some of her family members. Happy Reading!! ***** It’s getting closer and closer! If you celebrate Christmas, your house is probably all a bustle right now just like mine. In the…

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November Sponsors Group Giveaway


I hope you have had a WONDERFUL November.  I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by. Only a few more weeks to go before the Holidays.. CRAZY!!!  Are you getting ready for it yet? We have all our decorations up outside, we still need to decorate inside though.  I’m looking forward to it :) End of…

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Giveaway – Mommy Made


My friend Maria-Isabel from Mommy Made is here today with a GIVEAWAY!!!  AWESOME!!! Hello, I’m Maria-Isabel from Mommy Made. I am a wife to an amazing man, and momma to 3 beautiful children. I sometimes have a terrible memory… which is why I blog! SO I dont forget the things that are important to me!…

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