Whimsical Whimsies with Handmade Gifts + Giveaway!!!


My friend Christy from Whimsical Whimsies is here today with some GREAT handmade gift ideas.  Check out these awesome gifts she’ll be offering to some of her family members. Happy Reading!! ***** It’s getting closer and closer! If you celebrate Christmas, your house is probably all a bustle right now just like mine. In the Ferguson household, we aim to make all of our gifts for one another each year. This includes extended family. Last year, we did it! We made every single gift. This year we are at about 90%, but that’s still good, right? Those gifts that we … {continue reading}

December Sponsors Group Giveaway


Less than a week and half before Christmas is here!  CRAZY!!  Are you ready for it?  With the holidays coming so quickly, I’m doing the December Sponsors Group Giveaway a little early to make sure you all have a chance to enter before everyone gets crazy busy. My GENEROUS December Sponsors have come together to offer you one FABULOUS Group Giveaway!!! There’s a total of 9 FABULOUS prizes… which means 9 WINNERS!!! Take a look at what you could win, maybe you’ll win one of these amazing prizes!!   Shop  ~  Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Pinterest   Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Twitter  ~  Pinterest   Shop  ~ … {continue reading}

Discoveries – December Sponsors Edition


It’s that time again, Discoveries Sponsors Edition! I just LOVE this series, I always look forward to seeing what my sponsors would like my readers to discover. Happy Surfing :)   *****   Simply Pillow would like you to discover:  All Pillow Covers are $10 ”This month we are offering a very special deal for the holidays. All covers are $10 each. If you looking for a gift for your loved ones or want to decorate your nest in the new year, then come and stop by to have a look. Use code DIY12 for an extra 10% saving, this … {continue reading}

Feature Post & Giveaway – LuBeth Designs

I’m so HAPPY to have Genevieve from LuBeth Designs back with us here today.  She stopped in back in August to answer a few questions I had for her so that you could get to know her better.  You can read the post here ”Feature Post & Giveaway – LuBeth Designs”. LuBeth Designs is a shop where you’ll find necklaces & bracelets featuring hand rolled fabric rosettes, earrings, interchangeable chunky beaded watch-bands and watch faces. Have you seen the Satin Bloom that’s new in the shop?? LOVE IT!!  You can even add a metal headband to it!! SWEET! With Thanksgiving that just went by, I thought I … {continue reading}

November Sponsors Group Giveaway

I hope you have had a WONDERFUL November.  I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by. Only a few more weeks to go before the Holidays.. CRAZY!!!  Are you getting ready for it yet? We have all our decorations up outside, we still need to decorate inside though.  I’m looking forward to it :) End of the month also means it’s time for the Sponsors Group Giveaway! YAY!! My November Sponsors have come together to offer you one SWEET Group Giveaway!!! There’s a total of 8 FABULOUS prizes… which means 8 WINNERS!!! Take a look at what you could win, maybe … {continue reading}

Giveaway – Mommy Made

My friend Maria-Isabel from Mommy Made is here today with a GIVEAWAY!!!  AWESOME!!! Hello, I’m Maria-Isabel from Mommy Made. I am a wife to an amazing man, and momma to 3 beautiful children. I sometimes have a terrible memory… which is why I blog! SO I dont forget the things that are important to me! I dont want to forget all the little things, the cute facial expressions, the silly conversations, the unique personalities of each of my kids at different ages. Also because, I always loved looking back on pictures and things I did as a kid that my … {continue reading}

Feature Post and Giveaway – Fabricworm

My friends from Fabricworm are here today answering a few questions I asked them so that you could get to know them better!! Who is Andrea? Well Hello! My name is Andrea, and I am the manager/buyer of and for Fabricworm.com. I wear many hats, but am helped along by an amazing team staff and our owner Cynthia. How did Fabricworm come about? Fabricworm came about because our owner Cynthia found a real lack of cute and modern prints for boys in the market place. As a new mother of two boys, she decided to fill the niche herself. You’ll … {continue reading}

Discoveries – November Sponsors Edition

  LifeCreated would like you to discover: Creation Photography.. Farm Life ”This post is about a local farm we visited and the photographic moments we had there”   *****   Fabricworm would like you to discover: Quilt Kit ”Camp Sur Grand Junction Quilt Kit (begins shipping Nov.16th)”   *****   Leen Machine Paper Studio would like you to discover: Christmas Card – Elf Laundry Set of 10 ”We often forget that elves have to get ready for the holidays too! It’s their busiest time of the year! Show your elf appreciation with these set of holiday cards!”   *****   … {continue reading}

August Sponsors Group Giveaway!!!

My August Sponsors (which I LOVE) have come together to offer a FABULOUS Giveaway!   There’s 7 Prizes… which means 7 WINNERS!!!  Pretty awesome right? Look at what YOU could win: Website  ~  Facebook  ~  Shop  ~  Pinterest Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Pinterest  ~  Twitter Shop  ~  Facebook  ~  Pinterest Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Pinterest  ~  Twitter Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Twitter Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Pinterest  ~  Twitter Blog  ~   Facebook  ~  Shop  ~  Twitter My August Sponsors are pretty FABULOUS.. right?? Would you like to enter the Giveaway? a Rafflecopter giveaway Have a GREAT day!!! The D.I.Y. Dreamer

July Sponsors Group Giveaway

Let’s continue this wonderful month with a wonderful Sponsors Group Giveaway!!  My July Sponsors have come together to offer a FABULOUS Giveaway!  There’s 11 Prizes… which means 11 WINNERS!!!  Pretty awesome right? Look at what YOU could win: Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Pinterest  ~  Twitter Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Pinterest  ~  Twitter Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Pinterest  ~  Twitter Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Pinterest  ~  Twitter Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Pinterest Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Twitter Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Shop  ~  Twitter Website  ~  Facebook  ~  Shop  ~  Pinterest Blog  ~  Facebook  ~  Shop  ~  Twitter Blog  ~  Facebook … {continue reading}

Fabulous July Sponsors!

I’m super EXCITED to introduce to you my FABULOUS July Sponsors!!!   They are all incredibly talented women!! I would LOVE IT if you took the time to visit them and say a nice HELLO!   They are really worth getting to know. *****  Facebook  ~  Website WHIMSICAL WHIMSIES CREATIVE blog that will help you find your Creative Side!***** Shop  ~  Website LEEN MACHINE PAPER STUDIO Leen Machine Paper Studio offers personalized stationery and other paper goods to brighten and add color to your everyday. Our paper products have a simple, modern design with a touch of bold colors.***** Facebook  ~  … {continue reading}