My Little Turkeys with Whimsical Whimsies

My sweet friend Christy from Whimsical Whimsies is here today to share with you a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving craft to do with your family! Happy reading!! ***** We are always looking for a fun little craft in our house–something that each of my girls can do. I stumbled across these super cute little turkeys in my search. I wasn’t really looking for them at the time, just checking out all the fabulous Autumn and Thanksgiving decorating and feasting ideas that other brilliant people have put out there for all to see. But I’m so glad I found them. I love crafts … {continue reading}

Thanksgiving Printables by Leen Machine Paper Studio

I’m soooo EXCITED to have Paulene from Leen Machine Paper Studio back with us today.  Last time she was here she shared a wonderful Glass Magnet Tutorial.  This time Paulene will be sharing something special for Thanksgiving.  Happy Reading!!   ***** Hi DIY Dreamer friends! Can you believe it’s almost the holidays? The busy, busy time of the year? I’m Paulene from Leen Machine Paper Studio and I wanted to share two printables with you. I love making printables! Lately, I’ve been out of town on weekends or busy during the week that I haven’t had a chance to sit down … {continue reading}