Take Health To Heart – Heart Age Calculator #TreatYourHeart

Heart Health

There are certain heart conditions that you can’t do anything to prevent or minimize the chances of them occurring. For example someone very close to me will be going for heart surgery within the next few weeks to remove an ascending aorta aneurysm (AAA) along with replacing a deformed aorta valve. We have no idea how long he has had an ascending aorta aneurysm, was it caused by a car accident from a few years ago or perhaps a hit while playing a contact sport? We’ll never know the cause, but we know it needs to be removed before it … {continue reading}

Romantic Lace Candle Holders

Romantic Lace Candle Holders - thediydreamer.com

Looking for Valentine’s Day decoration ideas? How about making Romantic Lace Candle Holders? They are oh so pretty and require a minimum amount of supplies. PLUS you can use the same technique on various surfaces like ceramic and you can also use ribbon instead of lace to decorate! Romantic Lace Candle Holders Supplies: – Candle Holders – Lace Trim – Découpage Multi-Surface Durable Matte Finish (I used the Martha Stewart Crafts brand.) – Découpage Brush – Scissors – Wax Paper Instructions: Step 1: Take out the lace trim you would like to use on your candle holder. Wrap it around … {continue reading}

Beautiful Valentine Crafts – Unique Ideas

Clip-on Hearts made from paper clips

I was so excited when I received the January/February issue of Martha Stewart Living! This issue is filled with unique Valentine crafts and yummy recipes that you can make for your loved ones. Doesn’t that waffle look delicious?! I’m planning on making some on Valentine’s Day for my little family! Yummy! Beautiful Valentine Crafts Fabric Envelope Are you planning on writing a love letter to you special someone for Valentine’s Day? How about placing it inside a DIY fabric envelope that you created using scrap fabric? You can get the step by step tutorial right here: Fabric Envelope Clip-on Hearts I just adore … {continue reading}

Stylish Bobby Pins – DIY Hair Jewels

Stylish Bobby Pins - DIY Hair Jewels - thediydreamer.com

I’ve been working on little gifts for my daughters for Valentine’s Day. I’ve already made them Charm Necklaces ($3 each) that I’m quite proud of. I also wanted to make something for them to put in their hair. That’s when I decided I would make them Stylish Bobby Pins. These cute little hair pins are VERY EASY and inexpensive to make! Oh and very quick to put together. I already had bobby pins on hand (they had cost me $1 for a pack) and I bought the pack of jewels for $1 at the dollar store. Of course you also … {continue reading}

Valentine Printable – Free V-Day Cards

Valentine Printables - FREE V-Day Cards

Happy Sunday!! Hope you’re having a great weekend! I spent the day yesterday playing in an outdoor broomball tournament with my family. The temperature was perfect and we had so much fun. We lost in the finals, but the most important is that we had fun! We woke up this morning to beautiful snow falling, which makes me think that we’ll most probably be playing outside today. Yay! :) Just thought I would share these Valentine Printables that were a collaboration from Leen Machine Paper Studio and I last year. Valentine Printable – Gift for you Download the free printable Valentine cards: here … {continue reading}

$3 DIY Charm Necklace Tutorial

$3 DIY Charm Necklace Tutorial - thediydreamer.com

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I decided it was time to start putting together little gifts for Gabrielle and Emanuelle. They have asked me on several occasions for charm necklaces (they already have charm bracelets). So yesterday I headed out to purchase supplies to make some for them. And this is how the necklaces turned out: I made two identical charms necklaces for $3 each!! I picked up the supplies at my local Walmart. The chain was $4 (enough to make 4 necklaces!) and it came with the necessary supplies to put it together. I also picked up two key-chain … {continue reading}

Happy Valentine’s Day {2013}


Happy Valentine’s Day!!! What do you have planned for today? Are you staying in with your loved one(s) or going out for a romantic supper? This year, Sébastien and I are going out for a romantic supper. Remember, one of my Goals for this year is to have date night with my hubby. This will be out first date of the year.  I’m really looking forward to it. We will be having a special Valentine supper with our girls this weekend. That’s going to be fun too! Aren’t these Valentine photos of Gabrielle great? I love taking photos of her, … {continue reading}

Easy Valentine Crafts with Free Printables {Crystal & Co.}


Easy Valentine Crafts and Free Printables with Crystal from Crystal & Co.  Crystal is a fabulous Mom to 5 boys! Crystal & Co. is your mommy resource and today she’s here to share with you wonderful Valentine Crafts you can create with your kids. Easy Valentine Crafts with Free Printables I am so excited to be here today on The DIY Dreamer sharing Valentine crafts with you guys! This is a fun time of year at our house. Even though all of my little ones are boys, we still love to make and create easy Valentines! If you are on … {continue reading}

Valentine’s Day Ideas {Crafts, Desserts, Gifts, Printable and more}


Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly. I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks creating things to share with you for V-Day. I’ve decided to make one post with all of the V-Day creations I made, I figured it would be easier for you to reference this one post with all the creations in one place. Feel free to ”pin” the post onto your Pinterest boards. The round-up includes crafts, decorations, desserts, gifts and even a free printable! Valentine’s Day Ideas   Valentine Cupcake {Recipe, Wrapper and Topper} The cupcakes are Strawberry with Lemon Buttercream icing!   Valentine Glitter Photo Frame … {continue reading}

Valentine Cupcake {Recipe, Wrapper and Topper}

Valentine Cupcake

Valentine Cupcakes that you can make from A to Z (diy valentine). The cupcakes are Strawberry with Lemon Buttercream Frosting, they are so YUMMY! I share how you can make your very own cupcake wrappers and toppers too. Perfect way to say ”I love you” to your loved ones on v-day. Valentine Cupcake To start off, you’ll need to make some Strawberry Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream frosting. If you keep the recipe as is, you’ll get 24 cupcakes. If you want to learn how to frost cupcakes, I recommend you check out the new How-to Baking Videos from Martha Stewart. … {continue reading}

Valentine Glitter Photo Frame


A Valentine Glitter Photo Frame is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift! I created two of them with the help of my daughters (just to show how easy they are to create). Must of the supplies we used to make them came from the January box of supplies from Martha Stewart Crafts, thanks to the #12MonthsofMartha . Valentine Glitter Photo Frame Supplies: (What I used to create these frames) – Wooden Photo Frame – Acrylic Paint (Pink Taffeta and Fruit Punch, both were pearl finish from Martha Stewart Crafts) – Foam and/or Paint Brush – Glitter (Tourmaline and Coral Pink from … {continue reading}

Bookmark { Felt Heart } – How to make a bookmark


Gorgeous Felt Heart Bookmark that you can make for your loved one. Perfect Valentine Bookmark Craft to make with your children. Would you like to know how to create one too? Check out the tutorial below on how to make a heart bookmark. It’s easy and cute! Bookmark { Felt Heart } It’s cute right? I created this felt heart bookmark with the same steps I used for the Felt Ribbon Bookmark. It’s quite simple to make and you only need a few supplies. What’s even more fun, is that you can easily have your children join and create some … {continue reading}

Valentine Cookies!!!

Valentine Cookies

Every year we make Valentine Cookies for Valentine’s Day.  We make them as a family and give them to our family and friends. The Valentine Cookies are always very much appreciated treats. Usually we just put candy sprinkles on the cookies, but last year we also made some cookies with icing and sprinkles. I must say that the frosting was quite yummy. Gabrielle and I working on our Valentine Cookies: As Gabrielle and I were rolling the first batch of dough… we looked over and noticed we lost a ”worker”: Little Miss Emanuelle passed out of the floor right next … {continue reading}