All I got for Christmas…

All I got for Christmas are some AWESOME gifts!!  And I mean AWESOME.  But before I brag about what I got…. how was YOUR Christmas?  Did you spend lots of time with your family, did you travel a lot from one place to another or did you stay in?

Our Christmas always involves three jammed packed busy days of travelling from one place to another.  We started off with Christmas at my in-laws, then Christmas at home, Christmas at my Grand-parents, Christmas at my Aunt and Uncle’s and then Christmas at my parents. We got to relax at home yesterday which turned out perfect because we got our very first snow storm of the season.  LOTS of gorgeous snow.

Since we were snowed in (YAY!) we got to spend a great family day, played with our new toys,  we played outside and even fit in a movie.  A PERFECT day!

Wanna see some of the AMAZINGLY cool gifts I got?  I totally got spoiled this year.. BIG TIME!!  (I must have been really good this year)

All I got for Christmas are some AWESOME gifts!!

Let’s start off with this gift:



Nope, your eyes aren’t playing any tricks, yes that’s a ”Hobbit” home.  And I get to stay there for three nights with my little family.  This little eco-home called Le Troglo is situated in Eastman, Quebec at Entre Cimes & Racines.  It’s an eco-home with no electricity and no running water.  It’s going to be AWESOME staying there with my family, walking around the site enjoying the scenery, playing board games, spending wonderful quality time together… At night the whole place is lit by candlelight, heated by a wood stove and we even get to use an out-house. hehe YAY! Pretty amazing right?  I still can’t believe we are going there.

Next gift would be an amazing new toy…


YAY!!  I got my very first tablet!!!  I don’t even own a smart phone.. I still use the old fashion Nokia phone with pay as you go cards… I know.. LAME.  However, now I’m all up to day with this wonderful BlackBerry Playbook.  I can do so much with it.  It’s nice to be able to surf the web from the comfort of my couch. hehe  Do you own a Playbook?  Any recommendations of Applications or Games I should get for it?

As most of you know, I’ve been wanting a new sewing machine along with learning how to sew….


I got a SEWING MACHINE!!!!  It’s a Singer and its name is Confidence 7470.  I’m sooo hoping it lives up to its name and that it gives me CONFIDENCE!!  I still haven’t opened the box yet, not because I don’t want to… but because it’s been so crazy here, hopefully I will get a chance to do that tomorrow.  It has a bunch of features, it even does some embroidery.  Any suggestions on where I should start with the learning process?

What do you think?  I was overly spoiled right?  I have no idea what I did in 2012 to deserve these great gifts… but one thing is for sure.. I must have been REALLY good!

What did you get for Christmas?  I would LOVE to know what you got and if you did a blog post about it, feel free to share the link in your comment and I’ll swing by and check it out.

Have a FABULOUS day!!

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