How to clean your Washing Machine & your Dishwasher!!!

Last week I came across Ask Anna‘s blog post on how to clean your washing machine and then a few days later I came across Somewhere in the Middle‘s blog post on how to clean your dishwasher.

The thing is… I’ve never cleaned neither of them… I thought the fact that I fell upon both those post was probably a sign that I should.

First I started with the Washing Machine:

Yes yes I know…. YUCK!!!  Why didn’t I clean it before??!!  Just because.. well… I don’t know! hehe

I followed Ask Anna’s instructions along with the eHow instructions and voilà:


It’s clean and sparkly now!!!!
Oh and I also used Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser to clean the color rim that was inside the washing machine.

Now… the even more disgusting one….  the dishwasher!!

I followed the instructions given by Rebakah at Somewhere in the Middle and my dishwasher came out sparkling clean too!!!!  Of course, you’ll have to take my word on this because I have not taken any photos yet and now my dishwasher is full of dishes hehe  Oh.. and once again, I used Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser… to erase the rust streaks.
I wonder what I should clean next??

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3 thoughts on “How to clean your Washing Machine & your Dishwasher!!!

  1. Thanks for linking back to me!
    Ever since I did my dishwasher I’ve been obsessing over whether I should try the washing machine next, so thanks for posting that link! Now I know exactly what I need to do. :)

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