Wooden Clementine Crates to Chalk Serving Trays

Wooden Clementine Crates can easily be transformed into serving trays.  Not only that, you can also paint them to make them wooden chalk serving trays. Great way to save the clementine wooden boxes you get when you purchase clementines. We have been throwing ours in recycling for years, I’m so happy I found a way to re-use them in a useful way. We now have a Coffee Corner, all out coffee supplies in a gorgeous crate box.  We also use the wooden crates for serving wine at parties.  Also makes a great neighbor gift too, if you bake cookies and place them inside a crate.

Wooden Clementine Crates to Chalk Serving Trays

wooden clementine crates

How to make your very own Wooden Clementine Crate Chalk Serving Tray:


Clementine wooden box
Staple Remover
Chalk Paint
Paint Brush

Step 1: Remove all the packaging stuff from the box. (When purchasing your clementines, try to grab a box that doesn’t have sticky labels on them, they are really hard to remove). You also have to remove the little staples that hold the paper labels in place with a staple remover. Step 2: Paint the boxes with the chalk paint. Step 3: Once they are dry use them as you please.  :)

wooden clementine crates

wooden clementine crates
wooden clementine crates

I also made some for our craft station.  Example one of the trays is for Paints, we have one for Ribbon, etc…  I made one for my Mom and she stores her fruit in them.  You can even use them as a mail station or for your kids to store they little toys. The possibilities are endless. Basically the serving trays can also be storage trays.

**If you don’t have a chalkboard eraser, you can use baby wipes or a wet facecloth to wipe off the chalk.  Use a dishcloth to dry them.

What do you normally do with your Wooden Clementine Crates? I’m honestly so happy I found a way to re-use them, I always felt awful when I got rid of them. Let me know if you try this and how it turned out.


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