Cute as a Button Earrings – Take 2!!!

Back in April I shared with you my ”Cute as a Button Earrings” which the tutorial was shared over at Heavenly Blossoms.  Basically you glue buttons onto flat disc stud posts.  Pretty darn easy.  Anyways,  I finally received more flat disc stud posts.. which means I was finally able to make more button earrings in LOTS of different colors.

As Emanuelle and I were taking out the buttons from the variety bag I picked up from Walmart, I noticed that some of the bottoms had engravings on them.  My daughters’ are now proud owners of Hilfiger and Givenchy button earrings. haha Isn’t that cool?
As Emanuelle and I are making these great earrings, I asked Gabrielle to head to our embellishment supplies and to bring them to me (I had an idea!).  And this what we made:
Can you tell what we used to make these earrings?
We used embellishment stickers!!  Aren’t they great?  They look like jewels, but I won’t cry if Gabrielle and Emanuelle lose them :)  Even though they are stickers, I still applied Krazy Glue to them just to make sure they really stick.
So what do you think of our earrings?
Have a GREAT day!!

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    So cute! I have a whole drawer of those extra buttons that come with every shirt and that I never seem to need. Maybe I can make some earings to match the shirts exactly? Well, endless possibilities!