Drink Charms!!!

Look at these little Drink Charms I made:
(aka Wine Glass Charms)

Last Christmas I found some cute little Drink Charms at the dollar store… however they are only good during Christmas time:

So I decided to take them apart and make some that are good year round.

Step #1I took out the Christmas charms and a pair of round nose pliers.   Step #2I straightened one end of the wire using the pliers.   Step #3: I took off all the beads and the charm.   Step #4I used the pliers to undo the charm’s jump-ring.
Step #5I took out some cute little colorful buttons.   Step #6I inserted the jump-ring inside the one of the buttons.   Step #7: With the use of the pliers I closed the jump-ring.   Step #8I inserted the charm in the wire.   Step #9:  I used the pliers to curb the wire. Step #10:  I looped both ends of the wire.. and VOILÀ!

Of course, if you don’t have any drink charms on hand.. you can always make some with the use of some thick wire and some jump-rings.  I used 20 gauge wire.

Step #1Cut a piece of wire.   Step #2 Insert a jump-ring inside one of the buttons.    Step #3Insert the charm in the wire.   Step #4:  Use a pair of pliers to curb the wire. Step #10:  Loop both ends of the wire.. and VOILÀ!

So what do you think?

Don’t you think these Drink Charms (aka Wine Glass Charms) would make a great little gift or even a cute wedding favor?

Have a FABULOUS day!!

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