Emanuelle’s Rainbow Party!!!


Emanuelle’s 3rd Birthday party theme was Rainbows.  
Yes, a very popular theme this year. :)
I’m VERY happy that I always have the preparations done before the special day… especially this year… I woke up the day of the party with a major soar throat… to the point that I thought about calling my entire family to say we were going to postponed the party.  However I sucked it up for my little Emanuelle :)  Anyways, so the day of… we only have to put up the decorations, take out the munchies and clean up.  Otherwise I get super stressed….  Am I the only one who gets moody too?
Here’s my little Emanuelle during her party:

Here are some of the rainbow snacks:
We also made Rainbow Cupcakes!  Since it was the first time I was making them.. I used cake mix instead of making my own batter.  I used 2 boxes of cake mix which made 33 cupcakes.  There’s a lot of loss of batter because you have to divide the batter in different bowls to be able to dye it.  It’s kinda long to do.. I was happy that Sébastien and Gabrielle helped!
They took their job very seriously!
Here’s the end result:
The Rainbows come from Picklebums.  A free printable!
They are actually rainbow circles that you just cut in half!
My favorite decoration from Emanuelle’s Rainbow Party…. would have to be the: 
Rainbow and Clouds created by my very own 6 year old Gabrielle!

Gabrielle asked me for some string and then started stapling streamers on the string.. I helped her cut the streamers the same length.  She LOVES patterns so each color had to follow a pattern.  When she was all done.. she said the rainbow needed clouds!  She asked me for some paper and she cut out clouds and then she glued cotton balls to make them look fluffy!
Pretty creative I think! :)
Oh… the soar throat I had….. was STREP THROAT!! Yuck!
P.S.  I’ll be linking to these Parties!