Felt Christmas Ornaments!!!

My very first felt creations:

I made the green one last week.. a test run to see if I could actually make something with felt. I think it turned out quite well if I can say so myself. :)

They are quite simple to make.. no special skills required. :)

Embroidery Thread
Glue Gun

Step 1:
Fold your felt in half and cut out the desired shape.  (You can draw the shape unto the felt, however I just winged it).


Step 2:You have two options here.  You can immediately sew on a little circle/square onto one of your circles or wait until later on.  Honestly, I think it’s easier to sew it on right away (I tried both ways).

Place your circles one on top of the other and starting sewing them using the embroidery thread.

DON’T SEW IT COMPLETELY… you need to leave enough room to be able to stuff the inside.


Step 3:
Insert your stuffing.


Step 4:
Continue sewing the circles together… but leave room to insert your ribbon.


Step 5:
Once you have inserted the ribbon and sewn your circles completely… it’s time to decorate!
You can use your hot glue gun or thread to decorate with felt and/or buttons.



I found that adding a bow made the ornament look every prettier.

What do you think?

P.S. I’m liking up at these parties.


  1. says

    These ornaments are super cute! I love working with felt. Any material that is not going to fray or pill is my kind of fabric! I like how simple they are. It reminds me of childhood.

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my tablescape. I really appreciate it!

    Sarah@Adventures of our Fami-Ly