Felt Ribbon Bookmark

Felt Ribbon Bookmark; makes a great gift to give to a very special someone.
Gabrielle’s dance recital was this weekend.  Sébastien and I wanted to get her something special for the occasion.  Gabrielle LOVES books so we decided to pick her up a little set of chapter books.
I was just about to wrap the books when I realized it was missing something… something personalized.
This is what I created to accompany the books.

Felt Ribbon Bookmark

Felt Ribbon Bookmark

A cute bookmark made with felt, ribbon and buttons.
What do you think?
Would you like to make one too?
– Felt
- Ribbon
– Embroidery Thread
– Buttons
- Paper
– Scissors
– Needle
– Glue gun
Step #1 (optional):
Take out the book you are offering as a gift and take out supplies that compliment the colors of the book’s cover.



Step #2:
Take out your piece of paper.  Cut out a large and small circle.


Step #3:
Place the large circle on one of your pieces of felt. Cut around the paper circle to create a felt circle.


Step #4:
Once you have your large circle, thread some embroidery thread around it. (This is for decoration)


Step #5:
Place your small paper circle on a different piece of felt and cut out the circle.


Step #6:
Sew the little felt circle onto the large felt circle with some embroidery thread.


Step #7:
Cut the ribbon the length you want it and place it underneath your large felt circle.  Place a button on the top of your little circle and sew the button and ribbon onto the felt circles.


Step #8:
Repeat all of the above steps to create the other end of your bookmark.


Step #9:
Cut two squares pieces of felt. (Make sure they are bigger than your big circle)


Step #10:
Use your glue gun to glue the felt circles onto the square pieces of felt.


Step #11:
Cut around the large circle. (Your square felt will turn into a matching circle)


Step #12:
Enjoy the beautiful bookmark! :)


Felt Ribbon Bookmark

Felt Ribbon Bookmark

Have a FABULOUS day!!

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62 thoughts on “Felt Ribbon Bookmark

  1. Love that bookmark. My daughter is a huge reader, I should make her some. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  2. Totally cute idea. I love felt and have a ton of it just waiting to be used. Perfect craft for me to make. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday this week. I can’t wait to see what you link up next week. Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Adorable… I know I need a bookmark and may just make one for myself.
    Thanks for sharing at our Sunday Round Up! Can’t wait to see what you have for us next weekend. Have a GREAT week!

  4. I almost forgot how cute bookmarks can be since we are so used to reading books on our iPad. This would fun for the boys to use in their books. I can see them getting really excited about marking pages :o) -Sarah @ Repeat Crafter Me

  5. I love to read (usually several books at the same time!) and there never seems to be enough bookmarks! I love your bookmarks and will be busy making them to personalize the books I give to others – and some for myself, too. Thank you for sharing.

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