Handmade Wreaths – Elegant and Simple

A few weeks ago I put together my very first handmade wreath: Wooden Spool Christmas Wreath. I was quite happy with the result and found it really fun to put together. As I went through the December issue of Martha Stewart Living this weekend, I came across beautiful Handmade Wreaths. I like that they look super fancy and yet they are quite simple to put together (you know how much a like simple projects.). I thought I would share a few of them with you.

Martha Stewart Living December 2013 issuePhotos by Matthew Williams. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2013.


Handmade Wreaths

I fell in love with this Ribbon Wreath, it’s so elegant!
Simply wrap ribbon around a wreath form and attach bows all over it.
You can easily incorporate another color to give it a different look.
Ribbon Bow Handmade Wreath


How about this gorgeous Crystal Wreath?
Attach crystals (or any jeweled embellishments you have) to a Styrofoam wreath form.
Stunning Crystal Handmade Wreath


This Sticker Wreath is stunning and so easy to put together!
Apply beautiful winter stickers onto a MDF (or cardboard) wreath form.
Beautiful Sticker Handmade Wreath


The Pinecone wreath will take a little longer to put together, but the results are stunning!
How about going pinecone hunting with your family? Place your forest treasures onto a double-rail wreath ring. You can also spray paint the pinecones and  acorns to give them a fun look. Use metal craft paint to give leaves an entirely new look.Pinecone WreathThe step by step instructions of these handmade wreath projects can be found on the Martha Stewart website.

What do you think of these wreaths? Aren’t they gorgeous!? Are you going to try to make one too? I want to make one of them, I’m just not certain which I will start with.. they are all just too pretty! Perhaps I’ll show them to Gabrielle and Emanuelle to see if they want to make one with me, it might make the decision a little easier.

Have a FABULOUS day!!