Loop Earrings for 1$!!!

Gabrielle LOVES to wear my earrings.  It doesn’t bother me so much, expect when she wears them to school.  I’m often worried that she’ll lose them at school and I won’t see them again.

Yesterday morning I was on the hunt for CHEAP loop earrings for Gabrielle.

Here they are:

Of course… I started out with this:

1 package of Earring Hooks and 1 package of Fashion Chain Link Oval.
I paid 1$ for each package.
Step 1:
Open the packages:

Step 2:
Take out little pliers (or tweezers just like I did hehe) and open the bottom loop of the hooks:

Step 3:
Insert the Oval in the opened loop:

Step 4:
Close the loop and voilà:

They are so darn pretty that I had to try them on myself:

Lucky for me, the package came with two Fashion Chain Link Ovals….which means: ONE pair for me TOO!! AWESOME!!!

Have a GREAT day!!

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  1. says

    Fabulous. I love a DIY that doesn’t have the crafty look, for my own style. To each his own bc I do love to make the more crafty looking things as well they. I pinned this after visiting from the FB blog hop and joining you there.