Makeup Storage!!!

Where do you store your makeup??

I’m not quite sure I can say I store mine.. I basically use an old makeup bag and a plastic basket and throw everything in. When it’s makeup time… I have to dump everything on the counter to find what I’m looking for.. it’s quite awful to see.

I was walking through the dollar store with my sister, when I came across the perfect storage baskets for my makeup.

Look what I did with them:

I absolutely LOVE IT!!  I just have to grab the basket I need.. or the entire tray… all my makeup is organized… I’m in HEAVEN!!

This is what I was using before…. please don’t laugh hehe:

Here are the baskets I bought at the dollar store:

Close-ups of my finished makeup storage:

Not too bad now is it?  I hope this as inspired you to organize your makeup. :)