Old T-Shirts Anyone???

Do you have old t-shirts that you are wanting to throw out??  How about the awful looking t-shirt your hubby keeps wearing.. bunch of holes and driving you nuts? (I’m not taking about your t-shirts Sébastien.. I promise )

Here are a few GENIUS ideas you could do with them:

 How about T-Shirt Blossoms?
Found this on Meg + Ryan.

Found this on Make it and Love It.
Found this on Matsutake.
Found this on Fine Craft Guild.
Found this on Leafy Treetop Spot.
Found this on Bulb in Blue.
Found this on Delia Creates.
 or even… a Rug?
Found this on Lindsay & Drew.
I definately going to try a few of these ideas….
But today, I made the T-Shirt Blossoms:
Front view:
Back view:

These are seriously SUPER EASY to make.. and very addictive!!  I’m going to make a bunch more and I’m even going to have my eldest help me make them.

Don’t forget to check out…. IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME!!


  1. says

    you’re awesome…so much so that i bet you could tackle threading your machine…although i will admit, i had to keep my manual out for at least the first 20 re-threadings! :)
    Thanks for all these other great uses for those old t-shirts! My husband will never know where all of his have gone! ;)