Recipe Binder!!

I’ve been printing recipes off the web for soooo long and I had a HUGE file folder filled with pages of recipes.

I figured it was time to handle that mess of a folder.  I started searching for a recipe binder for months.  I specify binder because I wanted to be able to add pages as I pleased.

I kept coming across binders with weird sizes, with no place for sheets protectors, made for index cards, etc…

What do you do when you can’t find what you are looking for…??  Just make it yourself.


The above binder is actually the one I made for my sister.

What you’ll need:
– 1” ring binder that has inserts on the front, spine and back.
– Scrapbook paper
– Sheet protectors
– Post-it hanging file folder durable tabs
– Card stock
– Glue
– Scissors
– Printer
– Permanent marker


– Basically it involves cutting and gluing your scrapbook paper until you like how it looks.
– You can personalize your cover by printing your name and gluing it on the top of the cover.
– Once the cover is finished, slide it in the front insert of the binder.


– Use scrapbook paper and print your name.
– Once the spine is finished, slide it in the spine insert of the binder.


– Start with a sheet of card stock (you can get it at any dollar store).
– Glue strips of scrapbook paper to it.
– Print yourself a title for your divider and glue it on the sheet.
– Insert the sheet inside a sheet protector and place it inside the binder.
Repeat these steps until you have all the dividers you wish to have.


– Take out all the tabs you’ll need and write your titles with a permanent marker.
– Align all your dividers (which are placed inside sheet protectors) and start sticking your tabs on them. I find having all the dividers well aligned as you place the tabs, help to prevent the tabs from overlapping each other and making hard to see them.

Last step:
– Insert all your FAVORITE recipes inside sheet protectors and place them inside your binder.

If you are looking for a great binders, check out Samsill’s ring binders.

VOILÀ!!  Hope you enjoyed this project!!

Have a FABULOUS day!!

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    I love binders! Something about organizing things and then lovingly turning the pages within their sheet protectors and admiring the organization really gets me :) I’m in the process of making a family binder right now which (I hope) will be all-inclusive. I love the cover of yours!

  2. says

    This is such a pretty folder! I have a clear file that i use for recipes, but it’s not nearly as pretty as this. Maybe i should go beautify it.:)

  3. says

    It turned out really cute! My recipes are a mess right now, and I was actually just preparing to post about organizing them, hopefully next week. So of course I had to stop by when I say your link at Dwell on Joy. Cute blog!

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    I had to upgrade from a 1 inch binder to a 3 inch but mine has never been this pretty or organized. I see a project in my near future…thanks for sharing.

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    Love love love this idea! I am just now sorta learning to cook! I have some recipes that have been passed down through our family! What a great way to not only be able to find them easily but to be able to preserve the special recipes I have in my Great Grandmothers handwriting! Great job!

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    Hi Christine! I have two of these at home and so I am SO happy to feature them at Dwell on Friday tomorrow! Come stop by to link up and grab a feature button!