Spooky Ghost Family!!!

I want to thank Shatzi from Love and Laundry for the Floating Cheesecloth Ghost Tutorial.  I found it sooooo cool and it looked so easy to do, that I had to try it out with my family.

Here’s our:

Spooky Ghost Family

Spooky Ghost Family

We had sooooo much fun created them.  We were going to just make two, but Sébastien thought it would be awesome if we created one to represent each of us.

What do you think?  Pretty cool right?

Tomorrow I will share with you my living room Halloween decor.

Have a GREAT one!!

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27 thoughts on “Spooky Ghost Family!!!

  1. Your ghost family is super cute! I’ve been wanting to do a miniature version of these ever since I saw Shatzi’s ghost, but still haven’t acquired cheesecloth. Are yours heavy enough that they won’t get blown away in the wind?

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