T-Shirt to Headband!!!

I’m not the only one who gets sad when one of your favorite clothing gets stained, right?  Usually my favorite pieces of clothing are my daughters clothes. haha  One of Emanuelle’s cute t-shirts had a stained and it was just breaking my heart knowing I had to throw it out.  Then I got looking at it and realized I could re-purpose part of the shirt. YAY!! Look what I did:

T-Shirt to Headband

T-Shirt to Headband

Ok, so I didn’t actually re-purpose the t-shirt itself… I re-purposed the embellishments that were on it.

Step 1: Take out an old t-shirt that has embellishments on it.  Step 2:  Cut out the embellishments.  Step 3: Place the embellishments on a piece of felt, trace the outline of the embellishments on the felt and cut it out.  Step 4:  Hot glue the embellishments onto a headband and then hot glue the piece of felt onto the back of the embellishments (this is to make it extra secure on the headband).

T-Shirt to Headband
And voilà!  It’s that simple!


Here’s Gabrielle sporting the headband:
T-Shirt to Headband


Do you have a piece of clothing that has some bling on it that you’ll be able to transform it into a headband?
Have a FABULOUS day!!
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    That is really cute — and the flowers would be easy to make with felt and embroidery thread if a person didn’t have this same shirt. Though, how cool that you didn’t have to do a ton of work for such a cute result!