Triplet Tote – Sewing 101 – My first real sewing project!

I completed my very first real sewing project! YAY!! I’m so excited! Back in December 2012 my mother-in-law bought me the most AWESOME gift ever: my very first sewing machine! Even though this awesome sewing machine had Confidence in its name, it still didn’t give me confidence to sew! I’ve realized that my problem doesn’t really apply to the sewing part, but mostly about cutting the fabric. I’m worried that I will cut the fabric wrong and then have to scrap it. Fabric is soooo pretty and it would just break my heart to have to scrap it. ANYWAYS, I’m hoping that after I have completed a couple of projects and get cut fabric more often, I’ll stop stressing about it (that’s what I’m hoping for). Enough rambling, I’m certain you’d love to see what I made!

Triplet Tote - My very first sewing project! Perfect for beginners like me! Sewing 101

My friend Sara from Craft Snob came by the blog a few months ago and shared a sewing tutorial for beginners: Triplet Tote Sewing Tutorial. She made the most gorgeous bag I have ever seen PLUS it has three sections! Her tutorial is absolutely wonderful and shares every single step.

Triplet Tote Sewing Tutorial for Beginners - #sewing101 #sewing #sewingforbeginners

As soon as Sara shared this sewing project, I knew that I wanted to do it. She did say it was a project for beginners, so it would be perfect for me. I started off my taking out the fabric that I wanted to use. I decided on Honeycomb Sun and Knotty Bois by Jay-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics, The Grove, Organic Canvas that I got from Fabricworm.

Once I had the fabric, I ironed it. Then it was time for the fun stuff, measuring and cutting! Ughhh… I took my time and tried not to worry about it too much. And guess what? I DID IT!! I cut the fabric correctly! I was so proud of my self! Making the handles was a lot of fun too! I thought it was going to be difficult, but it really was simple!

How to make a tote

My all time favorite part was assembling the entire tote. Seeing the finished project was an incredible feeling… I DID IT! I was so proud of myself, in fact I still am!

Triplet Tote – Sewing 101 – Sewing for Beginners

Triplet Tote - Sewing for beginners! Sewing 101 #sewing #sewingforbeginners #sewing101How to sew a tote with three compartments! Triplet Tote - Sewing for beginners! Sewing 101 #sewing #sewingforbeginners #sewing101Triplet Tote - Sewing for beginners! Sewing 101 #sewing #sewingforbeginners #sewing101

Didn’t it turn out AWESOME?! Are you as proud of me as I am of myself? hehe Would you like to see more photos of my bag? I just so happen to have more! :)
Triplet Tote Sewing Tutorial - Sewing for beginners! Sewing 101 #sewing #sewingforbeginners #sewing101 Triplet Tote Sewing Tutorial - Sewing for beginners! Sewing 101 #sewing #sewingforbeginners #sewing101 Triplet Tote Sewing Tutorial - Sewing for beginners! Sewing 101 #sewing #sewingforbeginners #sewing101

Don’t forget, if you want to make one too, you can get the full tutorial here: Triplet Tote Tutorial

I also have an awesome Sewing 101 Guide that I’m certain you’ll find very helpful:
Sewing 101 – Guide for beginners, like me…Sewing 101


Have a FABULOUS day!!


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  1. says

    Beautiful tote!! It looks really simple to make. I have a great machine that is collecting dust. My mom sewed very well but somehow it’s something that has always intimidated me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Hi Christine!
    I love this bag, the fabric you chose is so cute! Thanks so much for linking up with us at The Project Stash Link Party! We are featuring your project this week and can’t wait to see what you link up next!
    Have a great week!

  3. says

    Christine, It is great!! Now that you got your first one out of the way, I’m sure you will not wait too long to try another project. I love the look of that bag! Very unique!

  4. says

    Cutting fabric is always my challenge too! Mostly because I’m too impatient to measure and measure and cut and measure again just to make sure. This bag is beautiful!

    ~Meaghan from DIYfaerei

  5. says

    This tote is beautiful! It looks like something I could find at Anthropolgie!

    Thanks for linking up at the Bewitchin Projects party this week! I can’t wait to see what you link up again next week over at!

    ~Cathy Mini~

  6. Mallie says

    What a find! Thank you for posting. I too have a sewing machine that I am trying to build more confidence using. My first attempt was to make a bag for myself. When I realized how simple is was to do and how beautiful it turned out, I decided not to stop there. Let’s just say a lot of family members are getting their own versions for Christmas. With so many different fabric styles out there it’s easy to personalize these. My 3 year old nephew is even getting a road-sign/tools boy bag for his million cars :-)