Wooden Noel!!

I made this wooden Noel centrepiece last year.

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of each step.

Wooden letters (I bought mine at Walmart)
Scrapbook paper
Wooden base (optional)
Mod Podge
Gold Paint
Glue gun

Step 1:
Trace your letters on scrapbook paper and cut them out.  (To trace my letters, I photocopied each letter with a photocopier and cut out the shapes and then I placed them on the scrapbook paper I had and cut them out.)

Step 2:
Paint your letters. (You can also put a little bit a paint on the edges of your cutouts.. it will give a nice distressed look to your letters)

Step 3:
Apply Mod Podge to the front of your cutouts.

Step 4:
Apply Mod Podge to the back of your cutouts and place them onto your letters.

Step 5:
Apply a sealer to your letters. (I used a spray sealer.)

Step 6:
Add embellishments to your letter with the help of your glue gun.

Step 7:  (optional)
Nail and glue your letters onto a wooden base.

**You can also keep your letters as is and hang them on the wall.. or even place them standing up on a mantle.

Let me know if you try this project. :)

Have a FABULOUS day!!

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