It’s my Birthday!!

Today’s my Birthday!! Yay!! I’m so looking forward to my daughters waking up so that we can start our day.  Sébastien is bringing us out for breakfast to celebrate. I LOVE going out for breakfast. We don’t go often, so it’s a real treat for me. A yummy breakfast, sipping a wonderful Mocha and chatting away with my little family is a perfect morning for me.

I have no idea what we are doing this afternoon, perhaps we’ll go out for a nice walk.  The sun is FINALLY out (would you believe it’s been cloudy/snowy here for the last 17 days). I just realized we haven’t taking a walk at all this winter, that’s something we normally do often. OUPS!!

We are invited for supper at my parents house tonight. I always get to choose the meal for my birthday supper along with my birthday cake. However, I don’t ever need to tell my Mom what cake I want because she knows that my favorite cake is her Chocolate Cheese Cake… DELICIOUS!!!

Yay, Gabrielle has just woken up! hehe She said she would make me breakfast, but just remembered that we are going out. She’s so cute, she’s asked me where the Giant Birthday Candles are so that she can take them out! She’s going to be decorating the house for my birthday! You should see how she decorated the living room for Sébastien’s birthday a few weeks ago, she went all out.

Giant Birthday Candles


Giant Birthday Candles

If you would like to make some for your home, I have a tutorial on how to make your own Giant Birthday Candles.

And if you would like to offer me a WONDERFUL Birthday Gift, I would truly LOVE IT if you would Pin (Share) the Giant Birthday Candles on Pinterest! It would be A LOT to me! It’s the project I’m most proud of!!

Have yourself a GREAT day, I know I will :)

Your friend,


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  1. says

    Those giant birthday candles are so very clever! I just may have to try my hand at them sometime. My little toddler would love it. I found your blog through my friend Trinity’s. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and I agree, birthdays are best when spent with our lovies. Enjoy every moment! (Especially that choc. cheesecake!!!)

    Happy Birthday!

  2. says

    happy happy happy birthday to one of the nicest bloggers i know! i have a
    bunch of those tubes so I can make a bunch of those candles :) i don’t realty use
    pinterest but I clipped it on my clipix account :)

  3. Genevieve says

    Wishing you a very happy birthday! It sounds like you had some special things planned for today. I hope it was wonderful–you deserve it!