We LOVE Just Dance!!!

Have you heard the news??  Just Dance 4 is AVAILABLE on Amazon.com!!  YAY!!   My family and I are just can’t wait to try it out.  The songs all look like so much fun to dance to. I’m really looking forward to testing out my skills to Gangham Style!

In our family, Gabrielle (my 7 year old daughter) is the champion!  She constantly wins and she LOVES to flaunt it! hehe  ”Did you see? I got the crown again!” Gabrielle’s favorite song to dance along to is The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men.  She knows it by heart.  It’s quite amazing to watch.

Just Dance is just so FUN! We can spend hours playing it together as a family.  I love that while you are busy having fun dancing, you’re also exercising.  Everyone can play Just Dance, even my three year old Emanuelle dances along. It’s so cute to see her dance along. She’s always hoping that she’ll get the crown away from her sister. I’m sure she will someday soon. I can just imagine Gabrielle’s face when it will happen.

Of course, when my daughters are dancing to Just Dance my Mom loves to join in. My girls love dancing with their grandmother, even though she often gets the crown away from Gabrielle. I must say, my Mom is a lot better than I am. She seems to get the moves spot on each time. Way to go Mom!

When I play and my girls seem to be scoring higher than me, I like to distract them. ”Gabrielle, look over there!” I’m always hoping it will work and that I’ll get a higher score. However, it has only worked a few times.

When I get Just Dance 4, I’m planning on practising a few times before I tell the girls I have it, like that I’ll have an edge on the competition. Is that considered cheating? Probably is, right? Oh well! One’s gotta do what one’s gotta do.

If you are a Just Dance fan just like me or you are looking forward to playing it for your first time… I have GREAT news!!  I mean MEGA great news!  It just so happens that Just Dance 4 is Amazon.com  Gold Box Deal of the Day!!  Yes, that’s correct, you can purchase Just Dance 4 today for a crazy low price!!  Just in time for the Holidays!!  It would make such a great gift!

Purchase Just Dance 4 on Amazon.com via the Gold Box Deal of the Day: http://clvr.li/SzFT7r

Have a FABULOUS day!!


Disclosure: I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.