Feature Post & Giveaway – Leen Machine Paper Studio

I’m sooooo EXCITED to introduce to you the wonderful Paulene from Leen Machine Paper Studio.  She’s AMAZINGLY awesome and soooooooo SWEET!!
Seriously she’s as sweet as they come!

Who is Paulene?
I’m a girl who loves color and prefer design just like my house and workspace – clean and simple. Leen Machine Paper Studio is where color and my design taste meet and the ideas in my head get unloaded. I’m also a perfectionist that’s pushing on and striving for progress instead, no matter how much I cringe at the mistakes I make along the way. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get inspired by the little details. I think they often get overlooked so I create designs that put them on center stage. I am also inspired by other business owners. Seeing their progress motivates me to keep going because they prove that if you’re consistent, you will reach your goals. 

What do you like to do with your spare time?  Do you have a passion?

I have a passion for health and fitness. I truly believe that if you feel good about yourself, it affects and improves how you live your life. It’s not an easy road, but nothing ever worth having is easy. My workouts include Jillian Michaels and running. This year I did my first 5k and first 10k races. I’m hoping to run my first half marathon later on this year, if I don’t chicken out, that is! 

What is your typical Sunday mornings?
I’m a morning person, weekend or not, so that means I wake up at 6am while my husband and our beagle kids sleep in. I usually turn on my computer, catch up on Leen Machine Paper Studio work, browse facebook or pinterest, and plan out the upcoming week by jotting down what I have to do each day.  

Here are some of Paulene’s Leen Machine Paper Studio creations:
Paulene is gorgeous inside and out!  I truly adore her!
And guess what… she adores you guys as well… here’s the proof:
She’s giving a 10% discount on anything in the shop and lasts till June 19. 
Discount Code: DIYDREAMER10
Paulene is also giving away one stationery set and one notepad!!

Would you like to enter the giveaway?

Have a FABULOUS day!!