Feature Post & Giveaway – Mommy Made

I LOVE Marie-Isabel from Mommy Made… she’s so fun and sweet!!  She was here last month with a wonderful post ”I am the mommy who”.  She’s back this month to answer some questions I had for her…. AND she also asked for me to host a giveaway… of course I said YES!!!

Who’s Maria-Isabel?
I’m a Christian Momma, with a passion for anything artsy & crafty. I love to sing, and create by hand. I love my life, I’m blessed to be a stay at home Momma to 3 kids, where we can have fun, create memories & I can go snap happy with my camera on them! ♥ I’m also blessed to be married to my best friend! I know that sounds cliche’ but no joke he has been my best friend ever since sophomore year in high school! I’m very shy and awkward, though I know you’d never guess that through my blogs. But I truly am. I’m not good at conversation, Im either too quiet or I ramble out of nervousness… which is what Im probably starting to do now… so I’ll move on! ;)

What do you like most about blogging?
I sometimes have a terrible memory… which is why I blog! SO I dont forget the things that are important to me! I dont want to forget all the little things, the cute facial expressions, the silly conversations, the unique personalities of each of my kids at different ages. Also because, I always loved looking back on pictures and things I did as a kid that my mom saved… So I wanted to create a something my kids can look back and re-live their childhood. Mommy Made is almost like a time capsule, only in blog form. ;)

While growing up, were you a Daddy’s girl or Mommy’s girl?
I was actually a major Daddy’s girl. I was like his “little boy” that he never had (my parents had 4 girls and no boys!). haha I was sort of tom-boyish. I loved working outside with him and getting dirty. Which seems so funny now, because I am pretty much a girly girl now. 

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