Melissa, the wonderful creator of Brag About It, is sponsoring my very first GIVEAWAY!!!

One lucky winner will receive this beautiful Teeny Tiny Cup with Love:

Before we get into the giveaway details… lets get to know Melissa, the creator of Brag About It.

When did you start Brag About It?

I started Brag About It in 2006 just after my son Lucas was born. I began creating jewelry as a way to find “girlie me time” in a house full of boys. I have always been creative and this was a perfect fit for me. I started with Brag Bracelets and quickly fell in love with hand stamping. So I purchased my first set of stamps and started stamping. I found the ideas were and are endless and I have only just begun. Here I am today with Brag About It and I LOVE IT !!!

What inspired you to start your business (where did the idea come from.. classes..?)

What inspired me to start my business … My Life, My Family ! I wanted a way to express myself and show the world my family (when they were not around). At that time in my life, I was a top selling realtor (of 10 years) for Royal LePage. I was away from the house all the time. As I would say 25 hours a day, 8 days a week and 366 days of the year. I was constantly on the go. I began creating as a way to relax and find me again. I created a bracelet so I could bring my family with me. In the middle of an offer presentation or between showings, I would stop and look down and there they were. As much as I loved creating bracelets, I found my ideas were limited. So I looked for new ways to create and show them off. Stamping allowed and still allows me to be creative in many forms.

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating new pieces?

My inspiration comes from everywhere … Life, Family, Events and Clients. I love when a client says “Do you do custom orders?” … The wheels start turning. I do have to say they never stop turning. I am always looking and thinking of new pieces to create. I have a few I am working on right now and it makes me excited.

Do you have a favorite piece?

I do have a favourite piece … I have a few … The one I am most proud of is My Family Tree – Locket Style. The two I love and wear all the time are Tree Full of Love and Family All Around Bracelet. I do love them all. I love how each one looks when it is completed. Although I do know what the piece will look like when completed, they are all so different and have a different meaning for each of my clients. 

What is your dream for BragAboutIt?

Sometimes I feel my dreams are too big. But I am the kind of person, where nothing will stop me. I love the next step, the next day, the next adventure. I would LOVE to have a personal (off Etsy) website. I would LOVE to open a brick and mortar store (these are in the works). As much as I say my dreams for Brag About It are too big, my heart tells me nothing is ever too big to dream for. I can and will make Brag About It everything I dreamed it would be.

How do you juggle family and work?

I feel this is the largest struggle for me, as I think with every mother and/or father. When I was selling real estate I could honestly say, real estate came first, my clients were my life. My clients are still my life today, but in a different way. They inspire me to be me. They make me me ! They let me be me. It is a day to day struggle, but I try a little harder each day to remember why I am doing what I do. To be a part of their life, my boys and my husband. I use to work weekends and evenings ( all the time). Now, I find I look forward to the evenings and weekends. When I first parked my real estate license to put forth a full time effort with Brag About It … It felt so weird not to have to go out in the evenings and on the weekend. Now to be able to relax with my family on a Sunday or to read them a story a night, means more than anything. Sometimes I stop myself and say … It is okay to be MOM for now.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

What would people be surprised to know about me … Hmmm … I am not sure ? I am 32. I met my now husband when I was 14. I LOVE candy, glitter and shoes. I still have all my Barbie’s and collect new ones. I LOVE the Housewives of anything series and Jersey Shore. I also LOVE Law & Order and Criminal Minds. I have a tattoo and want more. I am an honest person who loves to give and make people happy. I am a Leo (that may say it all). I do have a little temper and am impatient. I like things my way. I would say, ASK ME and I will tell you. I am me and love being me.

Thanks Melissa for being so open and honest.. you are GREAT!!


One Lucky Winner will receive:
Hand Stamped Teeny Tiny Cup with Love
– 16” or 18” Sterling Silver Chain with Spring Ring Closure
– Sterling Silver Teeny Tiny Disc 3/8” (before being domed)
– 1 Swarovski Crystal or 1 Swarovski Crystal Pearl
– Sterling Silver Tiny Double Outline Heart Charm

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The giveaway will end on September 20th at 11:00PM EST.  Winner will be announced on September 21st!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!  And don’t forget to BRAG ABOUT IT!!