2013 Goals

With the New Year beginning, I thought it was the perfect time to create a list of my 2013 Goals.  I enjoyed writing my list of Goals for 2012 last year and it was fun to look back on it and see what I accomplished.

I’m really happy with the amount of accomplished goals last year.  I did increase the success of The DIY Dreamer like I wanted and actually even more than I thought I would, which is GREAT.  I did not get the camera I wanted, however I did realize that I don’t need at $1,500 camera.  I came across the Canon T3i and T4i and I think either one would be perfect for me and a lot cheaper, I should probably add this to my 2013 Goals.  We went on a family trip.  We went back to Punta Cana at the exact hotel where Sébastien and I got married.  I did not however take mentoring sessions with Crave Photography nor did I do the Month in Photos. Oh well!!

2013 Goals

2013 Goals

  • Bring TheDIYDreamer.com one or ten steps higher.

I’m actually in the process of doing that right now.  I have enrolled in the Laurie Turk’s (from TipJunkie) Mom Blog Money Blog.  It’s a 31 days online workshop to help you ”Bring home the bacon in 31 days or less!”.  The workshop is AMAZING!!

  • Work with a major brand.

Ends up that I know for sure this goal is going to happen.  I was contacted two weeks ago by a MAJOR company asking me if I was interested in working with them.  I have to wait a little while before I can tell you all about it….but trust me it’s sooo exciting!!

  • Learn to sew.

I got a super awesome sewing machine for Christmas.  I’m looking forward to sewing projects.

  • Spend more time playing with my girls.

I do A LOT of crafting/creating with my daughters, however I would like to spend more time playing together.  Sébastien and I bought a bunch of board games and card games to play with our little ladies.  I’m looking forward to having game nights with them.

  • Have Date Nights or Days with my hubby.

Sébastien and I do EVERYTHING with our daughters.  Which is SUPER fun, but we do need some alone time which we hardly ever do.  I would honestly say we have couples night only 2 or 3 times a year and that includes our anniversary supper and Sébastien’s work Christmas party.

That’s it for my 2013 Goals.  I might add some, but for right now those are my main goals.

Did you create a list of goals for this year?  I honestly prefer the term ”goal” rather than resolution.. I find it more encouraging.

Have a fabulous day!



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    These are all awesome goals. That workshop does look interesting. I may have to look into that. I def wanna take my blog to the next level. Good luck learning how to sew! I love sewing! Start out with small projects and build yourself up