7 Tips to Fix Your Craft Block { Busy Being Jennifer }

A Craft Block also known as a Creative Block happens to everyone. It’s sometimes hard to deal with it, especially since they seem to happen at the worse time. Luckily Jennifer, the voice behind Busy Being Jennifer, shares 7 Tips to fix your Craft Block.


7 Tips to Fix Your Craft Block (Creative Block)

Hi Friends! I’m Jennifer, the Jennifer behind Busy Being Jennifer. I’m just a small town Texas blogger making my way in the world and having a lot of fun as I go :) I love coffee, my puppy, reading, chocolate, my Hubby, shopping and anything crafty!

I love creating new things and sewing. You’ll find lots of sewing and quilting projects on my blog… But I was in a bit of a funk over the Holidays… I’m only just starting to get my mojo back! Has that ever happened to you? Have you lost your mojo? I want to share 7 tips for getting your groove back!

Craft Block

1. Walk away. Sometimes that mental craft block, is your brain telling you to take a break. LISTEN TO YOUR BRAIN ;)

2. Take that break… don’t try and push through the mental craft block. Get some coffee, go for a walk, do some shopping.

3. Clean up your work space. Sometimes the clutter and the chaos works against you. Stopping and getting things re-organized can get your brain restarted. You might find something that sparks a new idea!

4. Pinterest. Yup Pinterest. Go through your boards, try a new tutorial, look for something new! You’ll be amazed what 20 minutes on Pinterest can inspire.

5. Music. Usually its my first choice. A little music gets me in the creative mood. There is something about a good beat and fun lyrics that gets the ideas flowing again.

6. Do something easy, that you love. When I am completely out of creative mojo, I go crochet. I still feel like I’m being productive and sometimes the colors, or the pattern will spark a new idea.

7. Don’t stress about it. Honestly, this is the hardest one for me. I get frustrated with myself when I don’t have new ideas… silly right?

As I write this I’ve got music on, a clean work space, a whole new afghan that I’ve crocheted in the past week, some new Pinterest inspired ideas and my MOJO BACK!

Hope this helps you get your groove back!

Thanks for having me Christine :)


Those are fabulous tips Jennifer! I especially love the cleaning up your workspace tip. I’ve noticed that, in my case, cleaning up my work area always seems to help. And adding something new to my surroundings inspires me.

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    So nice craft block kick backs, I definitely think your guidelinies are helpfull so thank you Jennifer! And thank you dear Christine for introducing another new (for me) blogger. Have a happy day!

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    This is really helpful. Im dealing with this right now, lol. Honestly I think ive tried to work on too many projects and that has sort of fried my brain, lol.