Getting to know Trinity from The Ramsay Grace Blog

The Ramsay Grace Blog is a blog that you have to visit if you haven’t already. Trinity, the voice behind the blog is truly a wonderful lady. She’s caring and very generous. Just to show you how caring she is: her grand-father was ill and she had been taking turns with other family members to stay with him in his home, rather than place him in an old folks home.. until he passed away this weekend. If that’s not caring and generous, I don’t know what is.

Getting to know Trinity from The Ramsay Grace Blog

Who’s Trinity?
I’m a former teacher, mom to two dramatic {and FUN} little girls, a still “new” blogger, who’s learning that I’m able to do more than I originally thought I was capable of doing.

The Ramsay Grace Blog was created because?
I love writing, love meeting and interacting with new people {all over the world}, and wanted an outlet to do both. After leaving my teaching position last year, I came home and decided….”I think I’ll start a blog.”

What’s your all-time favorite post found on your blog?
Although it’s the most serious post I’ve ever written, my favorite would have to be when I {finally} shared my story of miscarriages, through a link-up. It was open, honest, and actually really therapeutic for me. Plus, I love the fact that so many wrote me sharing their own stories of loss. I felt like, just maybe, sharing that story helped someone else out there.

The Ramsay Grace Blog

Do you have a favorite place to shop?
I absolutely LOVE Etsy! I’m constantly blown away by the talent out there and feel that it’s important to support small businesses, and especially handmade artists/crafters. Plus, with handmade, the quality is generally SO much nicer.

Readers would be surprised to know…
Well, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if you saw some of my “craftiness” but I never tried any type of DIY, craft, art project, etc. until a year or so ago. Crazy right? But, I was just never exposed to it. When I started reading DIY and craft blogs I was like, “I want to do THAT!” You may also be surprised to know that I lived in China for about a year, and even picked up a {very} small bit of Chinese.
hello – 你好 (Nǐ hǎo)

And, here’s the actual hotel where I spent most of my time.

The Ramsay Grace Blog

What’s your favorite source of entertainment?
I’m an avid reader and have, since the time I was a small child, been known to carry around my latest book in my purse. I must confess though, that blogging and reading all the great blogs out there consumes a lot of that reading time these days. I’ve actually moved to books on CD, so that I can listen as I’m driving back and forth to work.

Trinity hosts a weekly link-up called ”Tuesday’s Prayers”.

The Ramsay Grace Blog

You can stay in touch with Trinity via her blog The Ramsay Grace Blog and Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by Trinity and allowing me to ask you a few questions.  You’re right, I had NO you lived in China nor that you speak a little. Also, a big thank you for sharing your story about your miscarriages. I’m certain that post will be helpful to many. You are wonderful and I’m lucky to have you as a friend!

Have a GREAT day everyone!



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    Thanks, Trinity! And I, too, have experienced miscarriages just recently. It’s always helpful to meet another woman who says “I can relate”… Blessings to you this year : )