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Yay!!!  Paulene from Leen Machine Paper Studio is here today!!  She has a WONDERFUL tutorial to share with us!!!
Hello DIY Dreamer friends! I’m Paulene from Leen Machine Paper Studio and today, I’m sharing how to make glass magnets of your own. These magnets are great for baby shower gifts, wedding favors, birthday party favors…anything you can think of! 
Let’s get started! Here’s what you’ll need:
pictures, pattern or your own design
Paint Brush
Step One: Cut your design into small strips. I put one inch boxes – the same size as the magnets – around my design so I didn’t have to worry about centering it or things looking crooked.  Tip: Print multiple copies of your design or pictures. In case you mess up, it saves you time from printing over and over again. 

Step Two: Put a dime size of Diamond Glaze on top of your design.
Step Three: Push down the glass tile for a few seconds against the Diamond Glaze, making sure to get rid of any bubbles. Let sit and dry for at least 10 minutes. Step Four: Cut and trim around the tile and rid of any excess paper. Tip: Pushing down the magnet takes some trial and error. In case you mess up, run warm water and rub the paper off the magnet so you can start again. 
Step Five: Push another dime size of Diamond glaze in the back of your glass tile. Step Six: Spread the Diamond Glaze evenly on the back of the tile using a paint brush. Add more Diamond Glaze if needed. Make sure you cover the edges of the paper where it meets the tile. You wouldn’t want the paper to come off later. 
Step Seven: As soon as you finish covering the back of your glass tile with Diamond Glaze, place one magnet on top. Let sit and dry for at least 20 minutes. Tip: Seperate the magnets beforehand. When letting the Diamond Glaze dry with the magnet, put enough distance between all magnets because the magnets will shift towards each other and dry that way. 

Repeat Steps 1-7 until all your magnets are finished. Package them if you like and gift them to friends and family!

Thanks for stopping by The DIY Dreamer Paulene, you are welcome here anytime!  :)
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I’m totally going to go pick up some glass tiles to make some magnets like Paulene created!  
How about you?


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    Hello, friend! Stopping by from I Freakin’ Did It Friday. These are super cute. I love DIY magnets, and thanks for including links to where to find those cute square glass pieces. I think these are going to be my stocking stuffers this year – pinning this now :)