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I’m super excited!!  Barb from Second Chance to Dream is here today with a SUPER CUTE Thanksgiving  tutorial for you!!  You are going to LOVE IT!!!!

Welcome Back Barb!! :)


Hi! I’m Barb Camp from Second Chance to Dream. I want to say Thank You to Christine for having me here today. Isn’t she great??  She is so patient and kind and she has a fabulous blog!  A little about me, I’m a wife of  almost 35 years, a mom to 6 kids ages 34-13, 3 married and 3 still at home. I have 3 grandchildren.  I’m a life coach who wants to encourage women to live their dreams and passions and help them to grow creatively as well as spiritually. Stop on over and check out my blog. In honor of Christine’s Canadian Thanksgiving coming up on Oct. 8th I thought I’d share a project to help her celebrate.  I sure wish we lived closer because I’d give it to her for her dining room table.  

I ran across these pieces in a bag at a resale store and it was marked 1.00.  Only they were painted primary colors.  I realized it was turkey feathers and a face with a gobbler.  Of course I had to buy it because I could see it in fun fall colors.  I forgot to take a picture of the pieces with their primary colors.

I came home and started thinking about what I could do.  I was thinking paint the feathers an orange or brown and modge podging scrapbook paper on to the feathers.  I visit JoAnn Fabrics to look for some fall scrapbook paper and couldn’t find any in single sheets. They had lots of Halloween, but no fall paper.  These napkins caught my eye and thought why not use those.  So I bought them and I’ll show you how to make one of your own turkey pumpkin. 

1.  I bought a real pumpkin.  I priced the foam ones at JoAnn’s and wasn’t willing to pay the price for.

2.  I spray painted the feathers brown.

3.  When they were dry.  I decided on my color scheme and pattern I wanted to use.

4.  I took my paper napkin and pulled off the white background.  It doesn’t lay real well if you decoupage it with it on.

5.  I then laid my feather on the napkin and traced around it then cut it out.

6.  I put modge podge on to the feather and placed the napkin on top of the modge podge.

7.  After all the feathers are done you would need to add the nails to the bottom.  Mine of course were already done, but it looks super easy.  Here’s a picture:

Pound the nail in a little bit and leave most of it to push into the pumpkin. Choose a nail with a smaller head.
8.  I  then started putting the feathers in place on the pumpkin, following the pattern I had chosen. They went in really easy.

I did have to put the end feathers in twice, they were just a tad bit trickier.  The kept wanting to droop down.
Here is my finished pumpkin in all it’s glory as a fun centerpiece:

If you would like to make your own, I traced the pieces.  You can download the pattern below and cut your own.
Download here:

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Thanks Christine!  
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And what do you think?  Isn’t Barb’s Turkey Pumpkin super fun?  
I’m looking forward to making one with my family!
Thanks sooooo much Barb for stopping in today!!
Have a GREAT day everyone!