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Hand Lettering ~ Paulene from Leen Machine Paper Studio is here today to share with you a tutorial on hand lettering. Hand lettering is the art of drawing letters and I must say it’s such a beautiful form of art.


Hi, I’m Paulene from Leen Machine Paper Studio and I’m excited to share my current obsession with you – Hand Lettering. Look up Lettering on Pinterest and you’ll find dozens of boards and pins of beautiful type and letter-forms  Well, I got tired of gawking over them and decided that maybe I should learn.

I’m a complete beginner so everything is a work in progress for me. I am currently taking a Lettering class and it’s definitely opened my eyes. But let me back up. I know you might be asking, what is Lettering? Can’t I just type up something on the computer? To me, lettering is all about drawing the letters and being able to create a completely customized, one of a kind piece with personality. Truthfully, I think I’m into Lettering because of the swirls or flourishes as letterers call it.

Hand Lettering

To get started with Lettering, you’ll need:
– a regular piece of paper or graph paper (so everything lines up)
– pencil
– eraser
– sharpie

Step 1: Decide on a phrase, quote, or name. Pick a font that inspires you. Do a sketch to get a feel of how you’d like the layout to look like. Or if you’re like me, browse through Pinterest for layouts.

Step 2:  Start working on the letters, using the font you chose as a guideline and begin filling them out.

Step 3:  Expect a lot of erasing and playing around. This is where all the fun is!
Hand Lettering

Step 4:  When you get to a place where you’re happy with your work, retrace your letters with a Sharpie.
Hand Lettering

Step 5 (optional):  If you have a scanner or Photoshop, you can take your lettering one step further and create a print, stationery, gifts or anything! The possibilities are endless!
Hand Lettering

My letters, flourishes, and composition still need a ton of work but I am learning.
My hope is to practice daily and get better!


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Leen Machine Paper SrudioNicknamed by her best friends as leen machine, Paulene is a designer and runner on a mission to do all things with love. Her paper goods business, Leen Machine Paper Studio, provides her with a creative outlet to design simple, modern pieces with pops of color.


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    I love lettering! I design tattoos and I pride myself on hand drawing all my lettering as opposed to just typing something up. Great post for beginners!