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Easy Peasy Look Book for Cards with Christy from Whimsical Whimsies.


I am an organizer. Not by profession, but definitely by personality. And there is never enough time to organize everything. My eye is twitching just thinking about it (seriously). I feel that I’ve been doing a pretty good job lately, keeping things organized and organizing what still needs some help…which brings me to the cards.Look Book for Cards

Here is my situation: I have but one method of storing cards that I’ve been given for any occasion. It’s nothing spectacular. In fact, it’s efficient if you don’t care about looking at them….okay, it’s not great and I’ve been wanting to do something different. That’s right. It’s this big old envelope that has to remain upright because the top flap is not able to be sealed. Look Book for Cards

Today, I thought I’d do something with the cards. Finally. And, it took me about 10 minutes to complete–with three small children climbing about, which tells you just how easy and quick this is.

I decided to make a look book for our wedding cards. Our anniversary is approaching in a couple months. I thought it would be fun to make something that we could take out for the occasion to read through and remember the moments from the day. With three kids and one more on the way, there aren’t many moments that are just for us. And even though it’s not something big, it’s still a way we can focus on the two of us and our marriage, which is always something we need.

To make the look book for cards I used:

  1. cards
  2. a pencil
  3. a hole punch
  4. rings to hold the cards

I began with the smallest card and punched holes in either end. This card became the template for the rest of the cards. I just laid it on top of the rest of the cards, one at a time and marked where the holes would go with the pencil. A couple of quick punches later, I was ready to assemble the book.

Look Book for Cards


These rings can be found at craft stores. I found a package that had several different sizes in it. After placing the cards in the rings, I had myself a pretty little book that we can take out for our anniversary or whenever. I am thinking of expanding it (which makes all the different sizes of rings that came in the package handy) to include anniversaries and other momentous occasions that we’ve come upon in our almost 7 years of marriage.Look Book for Cards

Look Book for Cards

Look Book for CardsLook Book for Cards

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Thanks so much for sharing your Look Book for Cards Christy!

I keep everything, especially cards.  I love the idea of keeping them all together like that.

Do you keep special cards you receive? How do you store your cards? In a box, in a bag…  ?

Have a FABULOUS day!



  1. says

    I always feel guilty tossing greeting cards, and storing them in a box or file really makes no sense. Who has time to dig thru boxes to read old cards? So I think this idea is genius and I’m pinning it for a rainy day when I need a craft or something else to do to keep me busy!