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Sewing Project (Little Chickies) ~ Christy from Whimsical Whimsies is sharing a fun Easter sewing project that we can all do with our kids (yes, even I can do this! YAY!!). I’m looking forward to making some on Friday with my girls, should be so much fun!


Sewing Project ~ Little Chickies

Easter is coming! This is another one of those holidays where my three children seem to be bombarded by candy. Everywhere we turn. My hubby and I like to keep that to a minimum so I try to make something special for the girls that doesn’t involve sweets. This year, I thought I’d make for them some cute little chickies.

I have found a style of stuffed buddies that I really like and I wanted to make something little and snugly for my girls for Easter. They are simple and super easy to make. As with my daughter, Laelia’s little bitty gnomes that I made for her birthday a couple years ago, I just kind of developed this pattern while I was making them. And they turned out so cute! Watching my girls play, I have noticed that lately their imaginations flourish when they play with their little stuffed friends. We try to maintain a toxin-free environment for our kiddos and I wanted these to be as organic as possible. These little chickies were made with organic cotton and are stuffed with wool. Sewing Project

Okay, so I started out with two oval pieces–one for the front and one for the back. I guess mine are about 6.5″ x 4″. Something like that. I just drew it and started cutting. Sewing Project

I cut out pieces for the beak, wings, and feet. I made the beak a diamond shape and folded it over after sewing it so this little guy can talk or eat or whatever the imaginer chooses.

Sewing Project

I sewed the wings on using the zig zag stitch because I like the character it added to them. The beak has one stitch going horizontally across the diamond and is then folded down and pressed. The feet are stitched straight across just a bit, only to hold them in place before sewing all around the edge of the chick.Sewing Project

I did the edges two different ways on these guys, but my favorite is the way I did this one below. I left 1/4 inch edge on him to allow it to fray. Baby chicks are fluffy, so the fraying with add a lot of character to him. Oh! Also, I left a bit open at the top for stuffing and because this guy needed some hair…but just a little bit. Sewing Project Sewing Project

I stuffed them lightly with a thin layer of wool batting because I didn’t want them to look too round. I just wanted them to be soft and snugly–and are they ever! Then I added five little pieces of cotton yarn and tucked them into the top of the chick’s head. I finished my stitch to close it up. The only thing left was to add the eyes.

To get a nice round circle for the eyes, dip the tip of a pencil into a small amount of paint. This will leave the dot round and when doing more than one you should find that they are evenly sized.Sewing Project


And there they are! They are just so cute. Those chubby hands will look precious giving these little chickies a good squeeze. ;)

Thanks for having me on the DIY Dreamer, Christine! It’s always a pleasure to visit your site! :)

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    Once again you have created an adorable project. I am always looking for things to do with my daughter. This is perfect for Spring and Easter (but I may not get it done with her by then :) I know our readers would love this, too. We have a weekly link up party going on now (Thursdays), and we would love to see this post and/or any others you would like to share at Hope to see you soon!