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My friend Christy from Whimsical Whimsies is here today with some GREAT handmade gift ideas.  Check out these awesome gifts she’ll be offering to some of her family members.

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It’s getting closer and closer! If you celebrate Christmas, your house is probably all a bustle right now just like mine. In the Ferguson household, we aim to make all of our gifts for one another each year. This includes extended family. Last year, we did it! We made every single gift. This year we are at about 90%, but that’s still good, right? Those gifts that we don’t make we buy at handmade stores, such as Etsy to give those wonderful people our support. Anyway, the workshop is buzzing over here!

Here is Laelia, modeling a hat and scarf I crocheted for my nephew...the first crochet project I have ever completed.  And so easy too!

Here is Laelia, modeling a hat and scarf I crocheted for my nephew…the first crochet project I have ever completed. And so easy too!

This year is fun because our three girls can help a little more. They want to be right at the sewing machine with me or painting along side of me. It’s precious. Chloe (almost 6) has such a giving heart. Yesterday she asked me, “On Christmas morning will everyone have a gift for everyone else?” When my answer was “yes,” she immediately got a little panicked because she doesn’t have a gift made for all of her extended family. So, of course today we are getting started on something special for them, just from her.

This is a gift for my hubby, Scott (who hopefully won't visit the DIY Dreamer and find this, although he's pretty involved in my blogging). He loves the mustache stuff. I found dozens of these ornaments (minus the 'stache) at a yard sale...for free!

This is a gift for my hubby, Scott (who hopefully won’t visit the DIY Dreamer and find this, although he’s pretty involved in my blogging). He loves the mustache stuff. I found dozens of these ornaments (minus the ‘stache) at a yard sale…for free!

You may wonder why we make our gifts. I guess I could tell you that going to the big retailers takes away from the beautiful parts of Christmas and adds in some that I don’t appreciate–the part where everyone is pushing and shoving at the store to get all the “must haves” that someone out there has decided were the big items this year, giving us more of a greedy feeling than giving. I could say that we don’t want to support all the big retailers who hype up every holiday to make you feel like you have to get their stuff. But really, as I have found in years past, I have such a good time making each gift special for each person who receives it. As I sit down to make a present, I spend every moment thinking of that person and just how to make it perfect for them.

Plush owlDSC_2018My niece Ana has been eyeing up our growth chart for months now. Every time she comes for a sleep over she says, “Aunt Christy, will you make me one of those?” Of course! And while each gift does take much more time than making a list and taking a trip to the store, it is quite worth it. Planning begins much earlier for us as we have to accomodate this time involved in order to finish “elving” by the time Christmas comes. It becomes a fun, family event, which I’m hoping lasts many years for us and gives our children a different idea of giving gifts at Christmas time. And, for those who may be concerned that I am saying it is wrong to purchase gifts at the store, fear not! I don’t feel that way at all. It’s not possible for everyone to do things this way, but I am thankful that our little family does gift giving this way.

This bird house is a gift for Scott's Grammy.

This bird house is a gift for Scott’s Grammy.

IMG_1980Several years ago, we were so super poor that when Christmas was approaching I had no idea how we were going to make gifts happen. And we only had one kid then! So, I made just about every gift that year. Scott and I gave Chloe a book and each other nothing and made sure we had something for the rest of the fam. Now it has become a tradition! One that I am enjoying immensely and I am thrilled to pass on to my 3 (soon to be 4) little lovelies.DSC_0014

Thank you for letting me share with you today. Stop on by Whimsical Whimsies when you have a chance. I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas filled with blessings and special traditions!


Are those gifts darling???  I absolutely LOVE the mustache ornament and the owl pillow… ADORABLE!!!

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  1. Maria do Carmo says

    Sempre. É tão bom dar e receber presentes feitos com carinho especiamente para.Obrigada.FELIZ NATAL e um ANO NOVO cheio de sucessos e realizações.

  2. Lynne says

    My husband makes bead jewelry, and also does leather work. He made amazing leather mugs last year for people. I am not particularly crafty, but I do take lots of photographs, then I print them up and frame them for people.

  3. krista grandstaff says

    We make a frame and a special photo from that year for everyone… if I haven’t been at the event (we live wayyyy across the country)I have someone who was there send me digi copies of all the photos taken, that way, we get to be involved through the pics, and I get the photos I need for Christmas gifts

  4. Megan H. says

    I made bracelets for my sister, and girlfriends. They all are going LOVE this! I got inspired on Pinterest and decided to make them all to make it extra special to them :)

  5. Ruth Stark says

    I am trying to get some made this year. When my kids were little, I did all kinds of handmade things. When I worked, everything was store bought as I had not enough time. I really enjoy making things, but hate the time element.