Jewellery Storage!!

How do you store your jewellery?

Do you use anything like this?

I sure WISH I used something as glamorous as those… My jewellery is actually very unorganized and can be found partly in my jewellery box.. and in a wicker basket.

My eldest daughter seems to have the same messy habit as I do when it comes to jewellery (she puts them everywhere).  To solve this problem, my hubby and I are going to make her a jewellery box/stand for Christmas.  Of course, we’ve never really built anything like this before.. so my father will be helping us greatly in this project.
BTW, Check out yesterday’s blog post…. IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME!!


  1. says

    I WISH i was this organized as well! i especially love the one with the drawer pulls. My biggest problem is losing my jewelry after just a few wears. I guess that’s why i get cheap stuff-kinda like my target shirts! ;) and i yes, i know what you mean about the little lint ball things stuck on shirts…grr, i’m determined to buy at least one nice/somewhat expensive knit shirt this season just for comparison! :)