Purple Bedroom Inspiration

Bedroom Inspiration for Gabrielle’s Purple Bedroom ~ As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Gabrielle is dreaming of having her bedroom redone.  She wants the main color of her room to be purple. However, we have told her that we are not redoing her room until she can keep it clean. Obviously, she’s having a hard time keeping her end of the bargain.

Purple Bedroom InspirationGabrielle’s Purple Bedroom Pinterest Inspiration Board

Even though we haven’t started her bedroom, I did complete one piece of furniture for her room.. a bold purple chair. She loves it! The purple is perfect and the fabric is so much fun! It will be staying in the basement until her room is completed.

How to reupholster a chair

Since Gabrielle and I are dreaming of renovating her bedroom, we put together a Pinterest Board for inspiration. We are having so much fun adding things to the board.

Her bedroom needs a lot of work before we can actually start the decorating part. We have to change both windows and replace the plasterboard under each window because the windows have been leaking and damaged the walls.

Another big but fun project we will be working on in her bedroom, we’ll be updating her big closet to a more functional space. Her closet currently uses up and entire wall and even has two doors! We plan to use one side of it as an actual closet, and the other side we will be adding shelves. With the updated closet, it will allow us to remove the bureau from her bedroom, which will give her more space in her bedroom.

Closet Storage IdeaSource

Closet Storage IdeaSource

Hopefully we’ll get to work on her bedroom soon, fingers crossed that she starts keeping her room clean. But for now, I’ll concentrate on finishing Emanuelle’s bedroom. Did you see the shutter headboard I made her?

Have a GREAT day!!


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    I remember the beautiful purple chair! I can’t wait to see how you will decorate her room in purple! I’m sure she will love it! :-) Oh! the rug, the chest, the coat hanger and the mirror; I really love; too pretty! I can see the chair from the Pinterest board in my living room! :-) it’s beautiful!
    I wanted to work on my son’s closet too but it’s so small, don’t know why they make these closets so tiny!

  2. says

    I love purple and saw your purple inspiration board at a linky party! How beautiful! I’m always on the lookout for anything in different hues of purple and I am finding it harder and harder to do. You might have to resort to painting those favorite finds like you did with the chair makeover which turned out really pretty!

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    I’m not usually a huge purple fan, but I absolutely love all these items! I really like the pop of orange! Thanks for the great inspiration. Now if I just a had a girl to use it on ( I have three boys). Someday, maybe! Have a wonderful day!

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    My daughter wants a music themed purple bedroom, and I’ve started a Pinterest board too! Look for me as Dawn’s Collection, Music Bedroom. I don’t know how much purple stuff I have though, it’s mostly music things, I think. I love that chair you show at the top – gorgeous! Good luck with the project, and the clean room – boy do I know how that is! -Dawn

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    Oooooh it’s going to be lovely! The purple is so beautiful. Removing the bureau is a great idea. We tried to use the closet for most of the things in my daughter’s room instead of a bureau since her room is not very big.

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    I had a purple bedroom growing up – not quite as funky as this will look. mmmm think more 80s country!! Lots of floral. But I loved it!

    Looks great

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