Trailer Decoration Ideas {Camper Decor}

Trailer Decoration Ideas ~ Who wouldn’t dream of owning a camper trailer? On the road with your family enjoying the sights from coast to coast. Or perhaps have a gorgeous trailer parked in your backyard and use it as your oasis. You can even run a shop or a little restaurant in one. Possibilities are endless. I’ve come across so many trailers that are wonderfully decorated and I thought I would share a few with you today.


Trailer Decoration Ideas {Camper Decor}


Enjoy Cupcakes
Trailer Camper


Constance the Vintage Caravan from Snail Trail.


Dorothy from The Grand Daddy.


Decorate a Camper in Red, White & Blue from Madison Avenue Baby.
Decorate a Camper


Ikea Fabric Interior and road maps for the walls from Get Campie.
Road map


Green Style: Decorated Campers at Apartment Therapy.


A house crush on wheels from Westphoria.
House on wheels


1960 Ace Continental from Get Campie.


Glida Camper 10ft 1964 from Get Campie.
Camper Decor


1961 Pink Shasta from Get Campie.
Pink Decor


Before & After: Blush Trailor from Re: Creative Blog.


Meet Dazey from Rhonna Designs.


Airstream Ikea hacking from Ikea Hackers.


Before & After: Airstream Trailer Makeover from Design Sponge.
Camper Makeover


Country Living Fair from The Heartfelt Home.


61 Shasta Compact Buttercup from Little Vintage Trailer.


The Airstream Life from dwell.


Curb Service from Adelante Boutique.


Now you can’t tell me that these camper trailers haven’t got you dreaming of owning one too? Or perhaps give yours a little makeover? Maybe someday I’ll have one. I would most probably park it in my backyard and use it as an oasis/gazebo. I know I would spend a lot of time in it relaxing and enjoying a good book.

Have a FABULOUS day!


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  1. fariba says

    Soooooooooo very very fantastic.I wish ,I would spend a long time in Camper Trailer.It is very great. isn’t it? Thanks a lot.

  2. says

    Oooh, love them! I bought myself a 1978 Shasta motor home a year ago. I haven’t done any pretty-fying, although my dog tried to during a bad thunderstorm last summer. My passenger seat took a bad hit :(
    I have the RV parked in my back yard and I use it as my sewing studio. Not much to look at but I love her <3

  3. says

    oh my I never knew how much I needed a trailer just to be able to decorate it! I love the pretty little chandeliers that were shown in many of them =) Thanks for sharing at the More the Merrier party!

  4. says

    So cute camper decoration! I can see that we need a camper, eventhough it might stand in the garage the most of the year, it would be perfect for guests and relaxing :-) thank you so much for sharing and have a wonderful day.

  5. says

    Christine, I must’ve missed this post somehow! I was just browsing around and saw these..oh my gosh! I want one! But since I can’t have one…I’m investing some time to make cute pillows & curtains:)

  6. says

    We have a camper trailer. We definitely perked it up some after we bought it, but not to this degree! We went with a lodgy/country look. A pink trailer w/a chandy would not fly with my hubs & 4 boys =P

  7. says

    I totally pinned this! My husband’s cousin is going to love these pretty ideas! She recently bought a camper and is in the process of vamping it up pretty so she will LOVE this! Thanks for sharing! I found you on The Pin Me Party at Diana Rambles! Come link up with me sometime! I host Party In Polka Dots every Monday on

    Have a great weekend!


  8. says

    Oh my-these are so fabulous! I used to go caravaning (as we called it in the UK) with family friends in their camper when I was little. Good times-this decor would have made it even better.

  9. Lisa says

    Love all of these….In the process of doing my 1986 Coachman like the ” I Dream of Jeannie” bottle. I’ll post some photos when I can. Coolest and coziest living ever.

  10. Debbie says

    Just purchased a 1986 Toyota Sunland Express Mini-motor home. Starting to “gut” the thing of most it’s worldy possessions and start over, next Wednesday. Going to “scrounge” most the materials…planning maiden voyage in October…did I mention the thing had major water damage not visible when I purchased it….Thanks for all the beautiful decorating ideas…..

  11. Lisa Carlson says

    I am trying to do a coca-cola theme on an old trailer. It has the booth seating, which works but everything else is so old I don’t know where to start. I see all of these cool pictures, but is there somewhere you give instructions on how to? And the MAIN thing is I cannot keep the buts out of my trailer. HELP, PLEASE>

  12. says

    Those trailer decorations are awesome!!!!!! I just so love all the designs. If only I have a camper trailer, I would gladly and excitedly do that sweet stuff on it as well. They are just amazing.

  13. says

    I want to go buy a trailer now! I would park mine in the backyard and do crafts in it. I love the meet dazey trailer’s color scheme…so fresh and summery

  14. Hippie Chick says

    Just finished gutting a 20 foot Toyota Camper…time to RE-DO! Thanks for the inspiration…Think I’m going for the “French-Country-Cottage-Dumpster” look…lol…