BlissDom Canada 2013

I arrived at the Delta Meadowvale Hotel & Conference Centre in Mississauga, Ontario on Wednesday. Registration for BlissDom Canada actually started on Thursday however, this allowed me to settle in my room and enjoy the surroundings before all the excitement would commence.

My room was AMAZING! When I walked in, the sun was beaming through the windows brightening up the entire room. It was breathtaking. The decor was modern and fun, just the way I like it. It even had a SmartDesk Work Area! What does that mean? It means it had every plug imaginable right at your disposal! Genius! And the bathroom was so pretty! I actually took note of the grey tiles in the bathroom, that’s what I want at my place too!

Delta Meadowvale RoomDelta Meadowvale

BlissDom Canada – Day 1

The following day I headed off to do some local shopping with some new friends. It was nice to drive around Mississauga and enjoy the beautiful warm fall day. When we got back to the hotel, registration had started. I signed in and received a bag full of goodies! I even had my photo taken with THE Oprah! Well, a cardboard version of Oprah.. haha We were greeted by Sleep Country and we got to choose a gift! I took a Tempur-Pedic All-Purpose Pillow (perfect for my back) instead of the cute Tempur-Pedic bear (I didn’t want my girls fitting over it).

Sleep Country and Oprah

Once I was done registering, it was time to head outside to test out some great Chevrolet vehicles! They had the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro, 2014 Chevrolet Impala, 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Clean Diesel Turbo, 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and the 2013 Chevrolet Trax on location to test out. My new friend Heather was my driver! hehe We tested out the Impala, the Camaro and the Silverado! We had so much fun!

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Canada

It was time for the Newcomer Meetup and the Welcome Reception. I was greeted warmly when I arrived, it made me feel very welcomed! I enjoyed great appetizers and 19 Crimes supplied wine for everyone. It was great!

19 Crimes

Meet and Greet

Sponsor Meet & Treet started around 8:00pm. It was wonderful seeing all the sponsors’ booths. They did a great job decorating them. I really enjoyed meeting all the sponsors and each of them had a gift for us. During that time I headed to Philosophy to book a skin consultation for the following day. I also booked a head-shot with photographer Anna Epp.

Oh and if you needed to go to the washroom, Cottonelle pointed you in the right direction..literally! They concept was awesome! They even had the washroom’s decorated! It was great! #LetsTalkBums was their theme! They had Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths On the Go Packs as you walked in the washrooms and Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths Dispensers in the stalls. PLUS the toilet paper was also Cottonelle… pure heaven for your behind! It made me realize that the Cottonelle Wet/Dry Care Routine was for me!

Cottonelle Booth at BlissDom Canada #LetsTalkBums

Cottonelle Bathroom #LetsTalkBums

After visiting the Cottonelle booth, I headed to the Hallmark Canada booth. They had an entire display of cute greeting cards. But the cards weren’t just there to decorate, they were there for us to use! Every blogger at the conference got to choose a greeting card which you would fill out for a family member or a fellow conference attendee. If it was for a family member, Hallmark Canada mailed it out for you and if it was for a conference attendee.. they would send out a Twitter message letting them know a greeting card was waiting for them. I found the idea so fun! I filled one out for my daughters, I can’t wait for them to receive it.

Hallmark Canada

I swung by the Rent Frock Repeat booth at the end of the evening to see what it was. It’s a place where you can rent gorgeous dresses!! Not only did they have dresses on location for you to try, they even had The Beauty Team, which consisted of makeup artists and a hair stylist PLUS a photographer! They had me try on a pink sequence dress! I was quite surprised on how great it looked! It’s really not the color I normally go for.

The Beauty Team

By the time I got out of there, it was 10:10pm and it was time for bed. So sad to look so good and head to bed, but oh well :)

BlissDom Canada – Day 2

The next morning, I headed to see Anna Epp for my head-shot. What a wonderful photographer! She took great photos! I’ll be sharing them with you as soon as she sends them to me. :) Next was my skin consultation with the Philosophy team. It was wonderful. After the skin consultation I got a booklet with the products that they recommend I use.

philosophy booth at BlissDom Canada

Next stop, Tim Hortons for some coffee! Their booth was soooo FUN! The room was filled with colors, chalkboards, couches, etc… Not only could you order coffee, you could also create your own donuts!! Seriously!! FUN!

Tim Hortons BoothTim Hortons BlissDom Canada

Once I grabbed my coffee and my box full of Tim Hortons treats, I headed to the microsessions. I went to the Create microssesions; Blog to Book and The Art Of Creativity. The microsessions weren’t quite what I was looking for, but I’m sure they were inspiring to others.

We had a great lunch hosted by McDonald’s. It was so nicely decorated and the Sante Fe wrap I ate was DELICIOUS! I was quite surprised to see all the healthy opinions McDonald’s had to offer. That’s right, no hamburgers or fries on the menu! :)


After lunch it was time to get to the last Create microsession:  The Anatomy Of Great Content. And after that session we got to meet Kirstine Stewart from Twitter Canada. She gave us insights on Twitter and how it works. She was great! After all that learning, it was time for a break and it was hosted by Cold Stone Creamery. They treated us with some creamy ice-cream on a stick. Yum!

Cold Stone Creamery at BlissDom Canada

The Social Etiquette hosted by Pure Via and Tetley was inspiring. It brought out so many emotions, it was unbelievable. Somethings to remember “If you’re not kind on the internet, you’re not kind” and “Be easy on yourself because everyone makes mistakes”.

Tetley - Pure Via

That evening we were all invited to attend The Great Canadian Outdoors Party. What a great party! I wore a cute black dress but I ended up going back up to my room during the party to change into something warmer. It was chilly out! I got to enjoy some yummy Maple Leaf goodies! And the entertainment was AMAZING!!  Canadian Country Artist, Tenille presented by Tim Hortons performed for us and so did the super talented Canadian R&B Singer Jully Black! I even got to dance on stage with Jully Black! So exciting!

Tenille presented by Tim Hortons

Jully Black at BlissdomDancing with Jully Black

BlissDom Canada – Day 3

The day started with a wonderful breakfast with bacon and eggs. Yum! I had been craving a home-style breakfast and it did not disappoint. After breakfast I headed to the Microsoft Canada booth because I had a question about Windows 8. They were so helpful and they also took the time to give me a demo on the Windows Surface, what a sweet piece of technology! As I walked by the Hallmark Canada booth, I noticed that they had changed their entire booth. The booth was now Christmas themed! So cool! They even gave me a another gift!

Microsoft Canada

Hallmark Canada Holiday

I spent the rest of the morning at the microsessions I had signed up for: Power Marketing With Pinterest, Brands, Bloggers, and the Tax Man- What you need to know! and Natural Light Photography. The sessions were fabulous and I learned a lot. I would have liked to have had more time at each table though, time just flew by.

BlissDom Pinterest microsession

Sunlight hosted our break. They greeted us with yummy smoothies! So delicious!


Next up was the Power Hour, the room was so full that I couldn’t even get into the room. I was disappointed because I was really looking forward to it. I stood outside of the room, but it wasn’t the same as being able to sit there and soak in the experience.

Lunch was hosted by Lentils. I know many vegetarians and vegans that I met at the conference were very much looking forward to this meal. I must say that I thought everything was soooo delicious.


I spent the afternoon at the CREATE: Get Creative. Get BIGstorming! with Marilyn Barefoot hands on workshop. She was inspiring and showed us different ways of brainstorming. I will be using her techniques for sure!


At the end of the workshop, we all headed back to the main room for an inspiring session with Drew Dudley. Not only was he interesting, he was really funny too! A great combination of talent to keep us tuned in.

After the closing note, we all headed our own way to prepare for that evening’s party: Pajama Party hosted by Cottonelle, Microsoft Canada and PayPal Canada.

The Pajama Party was AWESOME!! Cottonelle had an Express Spa at our disposal with three different stations! I got to have a hand treatment, get my nails done and even a 10 minute massage. It was GREAT! PayPal rocked the house and handed out sleeping masks to everyone. Microsoft Canada hosted Pictionary game, where we got to play using the Windows Surface… so fun! It was the perfect evening!

Pajama Party SponsorsCottonelle Express SpaCottonelle Express SpaCottonelle Express Spa


Thank you

I would like to thank every single person behind BlissDom Canada for an amazing and inspiring time! Thanks to all the sponsors for taking the time to meet us, sponsoring the different events and for the wonderful goodies they had for us.  The entire event, in my eyes, was a tremendous success! P.S. A big Thank You to Anna Epp Photography for the wonderful photography!

BlissDom Canada 2013 Sponsors

Thank you!!


Disclosure: Cottonelle has provided me with product and a sponsorship fee in exchange for sharing my views. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.