Organization – Wrapping Supplies

Are your wrapping supplies organized or at least put away neatly??

Mine are in bags, boxes, loose, mixed up.. basically a total mess!! 
However, with a little work my mess is now organized!!!  I’m soooo proud of myself.

Not too bad now is it??

This is what I started with:

What do you think?  I told you it was a mess…

How I got organized:

Step 1:
I started by taking out everything and started two piles.  One pile was a toss pile and the other was a keep pile.

Step 2:
Took out bins for the following:
– Bin for Bows
– Bin for Ribbons
– Bin for Cards
– Bin for Tissue Paper
– Bin for Wrapping Paper
– Bin for Christmas Stuff
– Bin for Gift Bags

Step 3:
I printed out labels to identify each bin.

I came across these beautiful labels by

You can find them here.

I opened the *.pdf file in Photoshop and changed the color to black, then I typed in the words I wanted and voilà:

Step 4:

I cut them out and hot glued them onto the bins.

Step 5:
I started separating everything into the appropriate bins.

Tissue Paper




Wrapping Paper:
I took the time to tie each roll.
  I placed the Christmas paper at the bottom.
And then I put the regular paper on top.
Did you notice the smaller rolls?  
I cut a cardboard tube in smaller rolls and then wrapped my smaller (scrap) pieces around them.
Christmas Stuff
Final result:
I hope this inspired you to get your wrapping stuff organized.

P.S.  I’ll be linking to these Parties.


  1. says

    Thanks so much for the inspiration. This made me think of my own studio space I moved into a few months ago (an extra bedroom). Everything was all organized into other parts of the house, but I never did find a good place for the wrapping paper. Need to get one of those large bins:-) Thanks.