Basement Renovation: Office / Craft Room – The Plan

Basement Renovation: Office and Craft Room - The Plan

As I mentioned last week Sébastien and I are finally going to start renovating our basement! Yay! You can read about it here: Basement Renovation – Where to Start. We can’t wait to get started, it’s going to be a fun project. However, before we can get started, we need to plan the renovation. We’ve always wanted an office / craft room and figured this space would be ideal for that purpose. Before we can start the process, we decided it would be best to make a list of things we need to do. Basement Renovation: Office / Craft Room – … {continue reading}

Easy and Delicious Apple Pie – How to make an Apple Pie

Easy and Delicious Apple Pie - How to make an Apple Pie

I crave pie, often. I especially crave pie during apple season. There’s just something comforting about an apple pie, wouldn’t you agree? The thing is, I used to just buy my pies. Yep, I didn’t make pies. Why? Because for some reason making pie crusts turns me off. I’m certain I’m not the only one who avoids making pie crust. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I can’t make a delicious apple pie. Which means, you can too! I started buying pie crusts and just make my own filling. Quite honestly… I find it tastes and looks like it was completely homemade. Easy … {continue reading}

Decor Ideas with Beautiful Patterns and Colors – FDTR #136

From Dream To Reality

Last week’s party was flowing with breathtaking decor with stunning patterns and colors. It sure made me feel like decorating my home. Today I’m highlighting 10 of these projects. Decor Ideas & Projects with Beautiful Patterns and Colors From Dream To Reality #135 Features   Herringbone Canvas Art: A Step-by-Step Tutorial from Kristi’s Paintbrush.   Geometric Thread Box from Delineate Your Dwelling.   Outdoor Organization: Recycle Bins from Sweet Haute.   Quilted Color Pop Zipper Pouch from Haberdashery Fun.   Bright Fall Yarn Wreath from Life.Love.Larson.   C&B Striped Rug Hack from CHIC California.   Pottery Barn Knock-Off Diamond Art from Simply … {continue reading}

Basement Renovation: Where to start?

DRIcore Products - The Foundation for Better Living

As most of you know, my house was built in the early 1960’s. I’ve shared a couple posts about how it needs some love: my kitchen needs a makeover and my 1960’s house needs an outdoor makeover. Well, unfortunately for me… this also applies to my completely unfinished basement. We have old windows throughout the basement, and we even have a toilet and shower in the middle of it! Oh yes, that’s right… a toilet and shower in the middle of my basement with no walls around them!! GAWWWW!! Seriously!?! But, that’s a whole other post (which I’m certain you’re … {continue reading}

Happily Smiling Family – Philips Sonicare – #SonicareSmile

Philips Sonicare - #SonicareSmile

A few weeks ago I shared with you a few tips on how to encourage your kids to brush their teeth. One of the tips was to get them cool toothbrushes. Lucky for my family Philips had sent us toothbrushes to try out. Not just any toothbrushes, but the Philips Sonicare for Kids and the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean. In other words, very cool toothbrushes that would definitely encourage my kids to brush their teeth! Philips asked that we try them out for two weeks and let them know (and you of course!) what we thought of them. After two weeks, here’s my Happily … {continue reading}

Delicious Pumpkin Desserts and Treats – FDTR #135

From Dream To Reality

It’s really starting to feel like fall here. The temperature has started to drop and even the leaves have started to change colors. Which means, I better finish painting my back porch ASAP before it gets too cold to paint. Darn rainy summer put me WAY behind. Anyway, you’re here to party and not hear me whine about the temperature, right? haha The link ups from last week’s party had me craving pumpkin sweets! Because of that, I’m featuring a bunch of desserts and treats! Delicious Pumpkin Desserts and Treats From Dream To Reality #134 Features   Pumpkin Brownies with only 2 … {continue reading}

Painting Preparation: Back Porch #BEHRDIYEXPERT

Painting Preparation: Back Porch #BEHRDIYEXPERT

Back in May I shared with you how my 1960’s home needs an outdoor makeover. The list of things we have to do was quite long, we were hoping to get most of it done this year (minus getting new windows, we need to budget those in). We had such a crappy summer this year, it rained a lot. It’s hard to work outdoor when it’s raining, especially when you want to paint. But we did get to work on our back porch when it wasn’t raining, which took a little longer than we thought it would. This is what our back porch looked like … {continue reading}

Share your beautiful creations – From Dream To Reality #134

From Dream To Reality

Oh my gosh? Did you see all the wonderful link ups at last week’s party? My gosh, you were all on a roll! Beautiful creations galore! Sure seems like we are all back at creating now (I think we all tend to slow down during the summer months). I made the best vegetable soup last week. Did you have a chance to check it out? Homemade Garden Vegetable Soup   Beautiful Creations – From Dream To Reality Features! From Dream To Reality #133   Sewing a Simple Folded Clutch from Real Housemoms.   Repurposed Welcome Mat from The Little Things.   … {continue reading}

Easy Homemade Garden Vegetable Soup Recipe

Delicious Homemade Garden Vegetable Soup - Basic Recipe that can be customized to your liking!

Homemade Garden Vegetable Soup ~ Gardens are always in full production mode in September. Tomatoes are flowing like crazy as well as most of the vegetables in the garden. When you visit your local vegetable stand you can’t help but want to eat all the vegetables in sight. All the different colors, everything looks so tasty and even better… everything is FRESH! Perfect time to make homemade garden vegetable soup! I don’t have a traditional garden, I grow everything in pots. Vegetables don’t seem to grow in our soil, and when they do.. we have rabbits that come around and … {continue reading}

How Energy is part of my World Tour Dream Experience #E47B

Energy 4 Seven Billion

Did you know that Shell Canada produces enough energy to meet the world’s oil demand for more than 4 minutes every single day? That doesn’t sound like a lot? Think of it this way: they produce enough energy for nearly seven billion people on the planet for four minutes every single day! That’s pretty amazing, right? When we think of energy, we naturally think of how it heats homes and allows us to travel. But it also drives so many of our necessities (ex. food), products we use daily (ex. clothing, cosmetics, etc.) and vital services (ex. hospitals). Canada plays … {continue reading}

Back to School Projects – From Dream To Reality #133

From Dream To Reality

Such a big day today! My baby started school this morning. Ughh… not sure how I feel about it. I’m really happy that her big sister goes to the same school and will be able to look after her. Honestly, I’d keep both of my children home with me all year if I could. For my Canadian peeps, if you are looking for a great giveaway to enter… you should check out the Project Life by Stampin’ Up Giveaway I have running right now! The Project Life Kit is valued at $100!   Ready to start the party? Awesome, I … {continue reading}