How to make these DIY Projects – Tutorials coming soon!

How-to DIY Tutorials coming soon!

You know how sometimes you are just so excited about a project and you just can’t wait to get started? You start working on it right away. Once the project is finished you’re so happy that it’s everything you hoped it would be and more.  You’re so proud of it and can’t wait to show it to everyone?! Well.. I have a few of those projects and a couple of which are on this blog… I was so excited and caught up on working on them, that I did not take step by step photos.. OUPS!! Here are two of … {continue reading}

Texture, Pattern and Motif Projects – #FromDreamToReality 108

12 Projects with fun Textures, Patterns and Motifs

Hey!! How was your weekend? Did you do anything special? I had a great Birthday weekend with my family, it was great!! My sisters surprised me with tickets to see Hedley in Montreal at the end of the month! I’m so excited to go!! Did you have a chance to check out the link up from last week?  I’m really into Textures, Patterns and Motifs at the moment! I was really excited when I saw many of those type of projects at From Dream To Reality! Talk about lots of beautiful inspiration! Patterns – Textures – Motifs {Features from last … {continue reading}

Gold Pencils + 15 Gold Projects

Gold Pencils - So fun to decorate

A few weeks back I shared a fun family craft: Decorative Pencils. I had so much fun creating them with my family, that I decided to make some more, but in the gold color scheme. These pencils are great for St. Patrick’s Day, New Years and even for themed parties! Gold Pencils Supplies: – Wood Pencils – Natural (You can use regular pencils if you sand the varnish off them.) – Gold Acrylic Paint – White Acrylic Paint – Gold Glitter Paint – Patterning Tape – Paint Brush – Old Pencil or chopstick – Gold Decorative Trim, ribbon or thread … {continue reading}

Junk removal service with JUSTJUNK® – #JUSTJUNK

Junk Removal with JUSTJUNK®

Working on a renovation project and have junk to remove? Perhaps you have a garage or basement full of stuff you want to get rid of? JUSTJUNK® would be a perfect solution for you! They will come on location and dispose of everything for you, isn’t that awesome! I was so intrigue about their services that I had to ask JUSTJUNK® a few questions. Come on, I know you’re curious too! Junk removal with JUSTJUNK® – What is JUSTJUNK®? JUSTJUNK® is a full service junk removal and pickup. If you have junk lying around your home or office, their removal … {continue reading}

From Dream To Reality #107 – Let’s party!

From Dream To Reality

Hi there! Hope you’re having a great week so far! I’m having a great week! We are on March Break, so I get to have my daughters home with me all week! I LOVE having them home. We are going to a Tea Party on Thursday and the girls are SUPER excited! Plus, my birthday is this weekend and we have lots of fun planned. We are having supper at my parents place and we are going to Disney On Ice!! Talk about a perfect week and weekend! I have a couple giveaways running right now, you should check them … {continue reading}

Art of Marbling with Craft Paints – Martha Stewart Crafts

Fabric Wall Hanging with Marbling Technique

I was watching a home decorating television show a couple of weeks ago that showed marbling art. I had never heard of marbling before and thought it looked really interesting, something that could also be fun to do with children. I was just sooo excited when I saw that Martha Stewart Living’s March Issue had a section on Marbling! Art of Marbling There’s something peaceful about marbling. I love the flow of the colors and the lines. The fact that no two piece can be identical, just makes it that much more magical. Here’s a gorgeous photo of fabric that has … {continue reading}

Custom look for your camera! #CanonCanada #PhatStraps

PhatStraps - Custom Camera Straps - Canon Canada

Do you own a DSLR camera and you want to give it a custom look? Well, I’m happy to tell you that you can!! Have you heard of PhatStraps before? PhatStraps are camera straps that you can put on your camera. They come in a variety of different patterns that are sure to please you. I’ve been wanting to change the camera strap on my camera for a little while now. I wanted something that would match my style and that would be comfortable. Yes, a comfortable camera strap is important to me. I often have the camera around my … {continue reading}

From Dream To Reality #106 – Let’s party!

From Dream To Reality

With the snow “sorta” melting, it makes me realize Spring is coming! Which is great news for me, it will be great to be able to go outside and work on bigger projects! Where do you work on your projects during the winter (I know lots of you don’t have snow.. so it probably doesn’t change your work location)? I just avoid working on big things, my garage isn’t heated.. so it’s too cold to go out there to work. I work on things like these instead:   Decorative Pencils – Family Craft   43 Easter Bunny Ideas!  How about … {continue reading}

43 Easter Bunny Ideas – Lots of Easter Bunnies!

43 Easter Bunny Ideas - Lots of Easter Bunnies!

43 Easter Bunny Ideas ~ Looking for Easter Bunnies? Good news, I put together a fabulous list for you! You are going to LOVE all these bunnies! 43 Easter Bunny Ideas!   DIY Stuffed Easter Bunnies from Live Laugh Rowe.   Little Peep Pal Pattern from Michael Ann Made.   Duct Tape Easter Bunny Basket from MerMag.   Easter Pillow and Bunny from The 36th Avenue.   Custom Felt Bunny Family from While Wearing Heels.   Bunny Finger Puppets from The Purl Bee.   DIY Easter Bunny Stenciled Favor Bags from Craft-O-Maniac.   Easy Bunny Candy Pouch from MerMag.   … {continue reading}

Decorative Pencils – Family Friendly Craft #SlowCookFun

Decorative Pencils - Family Craft -

This post is part of the and Club House #SlowCookFun sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank-you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors. As most of you know, we LOVE crafting as a family.. even my husband joins in sometimes. We can spend an entire day just crafting and making a mess (a fun mess of course). Crafting is fun, but even more fun when you can do it an entire day and not worry about supper. Lucky for me, I have a slow cooker and Club House … {continue reading}

From Dream To Reality #105 – Link up your projects

From Dream To Reality

A big THANK YOU for the warm wishes regarding my Dad last week. It really meant a lot to me! He’s doing great and he even came and watched us play broomball this weekend. We were playing in a tournament in my hometown. My Mom drove him to our games (they went home between the games so that my father could rest.). We even won the tournament, YAY! I know a bunch of you are wanting to learn how to sew (just like I do!!). Guess what?! My friend Sara from Craft Snob came by last week to share a … {continue reading}